When Is the Rapture

The Rapture for the Gentiles by Jazweeh

In the twinkling of the eye the Gentiles will be taken up by God and purified instantly by the Sun of God.  The Son of God and Sun of God shall purify the Gentiles.  Then they will go to sleep for one day that will be a thousand days or years (not sure which).  But to them it will seem like it’s one really good day on this Earth.

“One day with the Lord is as 1,000 years.”

2Pe 3:8
“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Why so long?  Because the New Earth will take a very long time to be created naturally.  God uses nature.  The New Sun that redeems the Gentiles by purification of fire will be full of Jesus’ holiness & presence.

It/He will bring eternal life to the elect & the Gentiles.  The elect will walk the Earth watching the progress of it’s growth and cataloging its New Nature miracles.  While the Gentiles sleep for one day as one thousand years.  It will be the most peaceful beautiful sleep you can imagine.

When Gentiles awaken they will go to their appointed destiny.  Either The New Earth or some other destiny with the chosen depending on their calling.

God will wipe away all sorrow and tears.  No more bad stuff.  No more knowledge of the tree of the knowledge of evil.  Only the warriors who are trained in evil will retain the knowledge of evil.

This is why the Angels said “Ye shall be as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil.”  What?  But we all have that knowledge right?  And it didn’t make us as gods.  So what does it mean?

The elect will retain their memories and knowledge because they were as the clay in God’s hands.  He molded them to be trusted with the continued access to the tree of the knowledge of both evil and of good.

Gentiles will not be burdened with fear or the knowledge of evil anymore.

Gentiles shall be immortal walking in complete peace and harmony with the New Earth.  By just a mustard seed size Faith & Hope the Helmet of Salvation they shall have life everlasting.  God’s promises are true!

Gentiles are under a veil a living painless veil protecting them from seeing the Beast and into dark realms.


IF the Gentiles are not going to have their tribulation whatsoever then they will be raptured with the elect in 2024.  If God chooses to grant them the gift of desperation by tribulation so more will be save THEN the rapture won’t happen until 2030 or 2031 for the Gentiles.  The elect of God are likely leaving in 2024 when God takes His Holy Spirit from Earth.

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