What is The True Gospel of Jesus The Christ Savior

The true gospel…

comes from the heart by words from those who know Jesus.  God and Jesus revealed Himself to them.    It is their testimony of what Jesus did for them by deliverance, healing, miracles, and revelation.

For the gospel has not come to us in words only.  But rather the true gospel of Jesus The Christ Son of God came to us in revelation, in Spirit, in deliverance from bondage, in the gift of being set free from the bondage of sin.  By seeking Jesus with my whole heart He answered my cry for help.

Sin did encompass me.  I was dead and near dead time and time again until the day that Jesus showed me The Way.  He stood and put up His mighty hand toward the dark spirit who for so long oppressed me.

Him who the Son sets free is free indeed.

And then we sought with our whole heart to be infilled with more of Him.  God dwells in the praises of His people.  He then, by our seeking and lifting up His name gave us The Holy Spirit that came through lifting up The Mighty Name of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit came with evidence, gifts, Love, new Hope, and greater Faith.

Why is this the living gospel?  Because it comes from Truth, experience, and the heart.   These words of life come from those who know Jesus.  It is shared so others can receive the same help that Jesus gave us.  And we received a promise that were He is we shall be also.

So when we see those in need that is when the true gospel testimony, our testimony springs from our heart.

What is the copy paste gospel?

Copy paste gospel comes from a book.  You read the book telling people its the gospel.  There is no experiences in the fake gospel and no “I” context sentences.  The fake gospel lifts up the bible by saying “speak these magic words and you shall be saved.”

Seeking God must come from one’s own heart, own words to God Himself.

Prayer toward God leads to salvation.  The bible has some directions like “seek God with all your heart”.  Following these directions in your own way are required.

If you had a lover what would you prefer?  That he speak to your Truth from his own heart or that he quote some other lovers words to you?  Copy paste gospel is not life giving.  It is man’s doctrines at best.  Following the directions not reading the directions are how one should approach God in Truth.

The born again experience starts with a great gapping need with guilt, and shame piled up unto repentance.

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