What Is Repentance? When Do I Repent?

Also a Few Socially Acceptable Violent & Medical Atrocities.

Seems to me the youtube preachers are fairly inept as to the purpose and the blessing of repentance. In my books I titled Paradise for the Hellbound
I have a chapter called “Repentance. “REPENTANCE AN UGLY WORD OR A GRACIOUS GIFT?”.  That pretty much sums up my idea of repentance.


Why should believers repent to God?  For the following reasons.  Guilt, remorse, shame, heavy burdens of regret for any action against ourselves or others.  If I have no guilt then I don’t repent.  Our heart should be our guide toward repentance.  The heart holds within it a thing called the conscience.

My conscience is my guide.  I do not speak for those who have no conscience since my own heart knows wrong from right.  People who continue in sin in spite of their heart’s voice, and justify sin will suffer loss for it.  Guilt from sin can be justified and ignored by emotional and intellectual rational.  This rational can end up being the cause of a “seared conscience” the biblical phrase.  Meaning the sinner will lose the guilt, shame, remorse, and regret which is part of their heart’s guide to spiritual progress.

What is sin to some is not sin to others.  How so?  Eating dead animals may be sin to one while the other man has no problem slaughtering live animals.  Others have a heart-rule within themselves so they only kill pestilence (home invading ants, mice, rats etc.) or living creatures that are a threat to their human body.  Such as mosquitos.  And occasionally spiders.  Killing animals would absolutely cause me guilt.

What else about repentance?  It’s not my place to tell someone else to repent to God.  I am not anyone’s judge however I will not stand by and watch people blatantly harmed by others if there is something I can do about it.

God in Heaven requires that we not only confess our sins to Him but also that we confess our sins to other humans.

“Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed.”

Why another human?  Because it takes humility to confess to another human.  Confessing to another human often brings tears.  Tears are for a reason.  Crying cleanses the heart of the sin we produced.  The seed of despair and the seeds of hurting others will die if we do what is best for us by confession and repentance.

All these things are for my benefit.  I am the one, not God, who benefits from repentance.  Holding in guilt, shame, remorse, etc. will cause a man to take it out on other people.  The guilt eats at the person until that seed of guilt sprouts into hate by hateful actions toward others.  Once the sprout takes hold it grows strong creating a bitterness of violence and rage.  And it all starts with a seed of remorse that should have been repented of.

Before long the man will lose his ability of remorse and tearful confession.  He has grown a crop of hate, bitterness, violence, & rage.  He begins beating his loved ones, even his small children.  And stealing from the weak and on and on the hateful behavior spins until that man meets God.

Socially Acceptable Atrocities

Violence against children is unacceptable.  “Spare the rod spoil the child”?  I disagree.   Never should violence be used to teach a child “a lesson”.  This shows children that they deserve to be beaten.  Then the little girls grows up wondering “why did I marry a wife beater”?

So what then?  Violence against little children who cannot defend themselves is okay until they reach adulthood…then it becomes assault and battery?

PISH POSH.  Reason out this rule.  The reason that people cannot see that violence “spankings” are wrong is because their fathers and mothers would be implicated.  And they just cannot emotionally face that implication.

Spankings cause low self worth.  Spankings by those whom the child Loves and trusts, causes a great despair in the heart of the child.  It breaks the child’s heart by betrayal.  In turn this child will be traumatized for life.  And they will never realize what exactly is wrong with them emotionally.   Unless they end up with a really good therapist who has been healed from spankings as a child.

As I said, the child will believe in their heart of hearts that they deserve to be beaten.  My heart told me not to spank my daughter even though I didn’t realize the trauma I endured as a child.  My heart told me it would be wrong to hit a small child under any circumstances.

The whole world says beat your children and it’s good for them.  The medical community says “take chemotherapy & burn yourself up with lethal directed lazer beam radiation it’s good poison but it may kill you slowly”.  The beast is cunning and it has been here for a long time.  Yet the watchmen are waiting for a talking statue and an antichrist with a label on his head.  “antichrist here”.

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