What Does “Fruit of The Spirit” Represent Biblically?

How To Receive The Holy Spirit of God & Gifts of The Spirit

Faith Without Works are Empty

What is The True Gospel?

What is the New Gospel?

Who Is The Woman of Revelation 12, Really and who or what is her child?

Why are Tongues so Misunderstood?

Works follow Faith.  The just shall live by Faith.  You will know them by their fruit.  Evil hearts produce evil fruits by dark spirits.

99 out of a hundred times that you read a commentary on spiritual tongues its given by those WHO HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH THE GIFT OF TONGUES.  The info below is written by Jazweeh who has extensive experience with the gift of tongues over 40 years.  These teachings can not be found in books (bibles well unless you read “Paradise for the Hellbound”.

The Fruit of The Holy Spirit of God are Faith based works.  That ugly little word that most Christians have grown to hate– Works works works works!

Problem one.  Men who justify their actions by denial are self deceived.

How To Receive The Holy Spirit of God

Granted God doesn’t go by men’s rules and He may change His methods.  But receiving the Baptism of The Holy Spirit is quite an event and for those who have- IT WAS by far THE BEST DAY OF THEIR LIVES.  IT ABSOLUTELY WILL BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU AND MOST WILL MARK THE DATE NEVER FORGETTING IT.   There will be evidence, stark evidence when it happens.  Gifts come with The Holy Spirit.  Magic.

The only way I know to receive The Holy Spirit that brings spiritual gifts to God’s believers is by the laying on of hands and prayer by those who have the Holy Spirit themselves.  It’s a kind of transference thing apparently.

Why Doesn’t God Fill All Children of God With His Holy Spirt?

Isn’t it odd I know a story of a child who grew up in a Pentecostal Church setting receiving prayer repeatedly and the laying on of hands.  Yet that child never did receive the Holy Spirit for themselves.  My own sister was prayed over repeatedly–oh how I hoped she would be blessed to receive as I did but no.  Something blocked it.  I have received healings from prayer.  During which the preacher said, struggling, “there is a block”.  I had to fall to the ground letting go symbolically letting go before the healing would enter me.  And it did..

God looks upon the heart.  He chooses those whose hearts are something special to Him.  And before He pours out His Holy Spirit first a person is born again.

That’s right, two separate events that can be years apart.  For me it three years after my born again experience that I got the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

How did The Event Happen?  Open praise of Jesus with arms raised.  It is by Jesus name that the Holy Spirit is given.  That means during the laying on of hands the person receiving prayer should have arms lifted praising Jesus by name.  Not praising His name as they say over and over.  But praising Jesus Himself by name.  Why would God deny a child His blessed Holy Spirit?

“They honor me with their words but their heart is far from me.”  Jesus.

Ye MUST be born again of water and of Spirit.  I was compelled to be baptized in water.  I really really felt in my heart to do so was being obedient to God.   They give their testimony of what Jesus did for them.  The testimony is powerful and connected with becoming an overcomer.  Your testimony of Jesus working in your life is the true gospel, alive, from your heart.

How to Tell the Copy Paste Gospel from the True Gospel

The copy paste gospels are both redundant and annoying with quoted scriptures and heartless directives empty of Love & experience.  The copy paste gospel is always given out of guilt and fear.  It is a gospel that the teller has no experience with. Meaning they will speak of things they know not of first hand.  Whereas the true testimony of Jesus’ work in your life showing deliverance, healing, moral changes, evidence of Love, Peace and a Faith that is alive with Fruit of The Spirit that is given out of Love and Truth by experience with Jesus, to share so others will also be healed, delivered, set free as you were.

All A Man Needs is a Mustard Seed of Faith in God/Jesus to Be Saved

Christians today preach that the Baptism of The Holy Spirit is a natural occurrence.  I speak by experience & I disagree with the statement.  When a man is born again usually the first changes in him are his morality.  If he was a murderer before he won’t murder anymore.  Some behavior patterns get removed easily and thoroughly when born again.  Others are left for our lessons in humility and God’s Grace, Mercy, and Love toward us.

The Bible used to be reliable.  No more.  No one needs the bible to be saved.

Who Is The Woman of Revelation 12?

We know the sign the great sign of Rev. 12 on September 23, 2017 that ushered in the new age.  But who prey tell is the woman?  Better question, who are the woman.

Why is the supernatural gift of higher dialect straight from God or “tongues” so criticized and trashed in media?

Because my friend, it is by far one of the most powerful gifts of The Holy Spirit.  Surpassed only by Faith, Hope, and Love and the other direct bestowments by God toward us, Mercy, Peace, Righteousness through Receiving Jesus.

Supernatural Gifts of The Holy Spirt

We doubt Apostle Paul even had the gift of tongues or the bible left out the empowering information about spiritual gifts (that is more likely) judging from the insult and downplay of the gift of tongues in the bibles.

All the gifts primarily are for the saving of the soul.  If I am healed by God my Faith is increased.  If I am delivered from addiction my Faith and knowledge of God are increased.  Though directly healing saves the flesh, it is the soul the is the true target of The Holy Spirit.  Prophecy is needed for great encouragement and increased Faith.  But the most important prophesies were the prophesies that Jesus gave so the 144 would have repeated confirmations in 2021 of the times they are in by each fulfillment they see.  Teachers, & those blessed with charitable works help the poor and teach the children about God. Again to increase Faith.   But what of this mystery gift of tongues?

The Gift of Tongues

But the gift of tongues when used by intercessors of God doesn’t benefit the flesh nearly as much as it reaches into the spirit realms and changes all kinds of spiritual directions of people and events.   It does bring down strongholds of demons.   The supernatural prayers reach into the future.  By it God commands angels using man as the voice of God.

What Are Tongues 

Utterances is a symbol that your having a Holy Spirit experience.  It is a short sentence, often repetitious in nature.  And the dialect is common among those who have spoken it.  The gift of tongues is the full gift of languages of men and angels.  By it angels can be alerted to God’s messages even God’s commands.  The gifted can pray about any topic they wish in their godly dialect.  They control the gift.  They usually also at some point realize they need also the gift of interpretation.  They pray hours on end with endless new dialects and words that are intricately fashioned not some baby language of one syllable sounds.  Does God give men baby sounding one syllable tongues? Perhaps.  But that is not “the extensive gift of tongues”.

People say they believe in a supernatural God but when it comes down to it, they credit Satan with more magic than God Himself.  Hence they attribute tongues to Satan.

Every supernatural gift likely has a good version and an evil version.  Satanic worshippers also receive the gift of tongues, prophecy, healing, miracles and the rest.

Why did Jesus say “I wish ye were either Hot or Cold instead of luke warm.”?

He said its better to detest God than to have no feelings at all toward Him.

Consider this theory…the Satan worshipper has his eternal Home in Hell.  Hell is not the way they picture it in the movies.  Hell is an eternal dwelling for those who choose wickedness.  They have their own brand of faith in a lesser god.  Therefore their soul will live on.  Those who are hot for God have the eternal home of Heaven (God willing).  But what of the luke warm who neither know God or Satan?  They are neither Hot or Cold and they will go into the lake of fire most likely.

Who is the Child of Revelation 12?

Those who travailed have birthed many “children” for the kingdom of God.  Every prayer that brought into fruition the end of the age that had to come to pass first, was “the child”.  Every soul, every deliverance, every healing, every miracle unseen was the child.  These intercessors do not cease to pray in and by Faith.  That is why the gift of tongues is so powerful as they are lead by the Holy Spirit itself.

Intercessory prayer include travail for souls.   Souls that would otherwise be lost.  And for years many many years all intercessors did is travail with great burdens to pray by The Spirt.

The extensive gift not just utterances, not just a few words spoken during a fast & prayer.  I mean the gift of tongues. It is used by the intercessors who have prayed into existence by Faith the salvation of souls for years on end.

The Woman of Revelation 12 and her Child

They are the woman of Revelation 12.  The only one’s who travail for men’s souls.   And they have prayed-in every vital spiritual stage of God’s plan for men on Earth.

The woman of Revelation 12 are the producers of the fruit of the Holy Spirit and they do live by Faith.  Every word, every burden every travail every prayer they, by Faith & by Grace, wage war against evil spirits and their walls of demons.   The woman of Rev. 12 who was given by Grace, by God the Holy Spirt many dialects of languages.  Do men command angels?  No not for a minute.  But by men The Holy Spirit speaks commands to angels.  Could the intercessors make their own commands?  Perhaps, it certainly seems that way given that free will run rampant through the gift of tongues.

However, I think angels know better than to veer off script away from the words of God.

EVIL MEN FEAR THE EXTENSIVE GIFT OF TONGUES AND THEY SHOULD.  THAT IS WHY THEY TRASH IT.  Fortunately most evil men do not know, that there are two types of tongues gifts.  One “Utterances” and the other “Extensive Gift of Tongues”.  Few people know this Truth.  God includes His children into the work of God.  He gives us jobs.  If a man doesn’t believe in magic good powerful magic from God by God then why would God give the man a gift he likely will never use much less hone and temper?

God Showed The Woman of Rev. 12 Who She is in 2018 Thereabout.

Even the woman herself (the chosen few) could not know who they were until the end of the age was upon them.  With her flesh wielding untamed fear she would have been haunted by the knowledge of the woman of Rev. 12 that I give you freely now.  She never knew her value.  They never knew the fullness of their call.  And they had no clue that they are the woman of Rev 12.  Why?  Character flaws would have muddied the waters of their pure works of Faith.  They could not know who they were or their part in the prophecies.


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