We Can’t Help the Watchmen

The Obsession of Judah.

“Many will seek after a sign.  But no signs (miracles in real time) will be given to them.  Except the sign of Jonah”   Yes! The sign of Jonah by which (not witch) they are called like Jonah the many Watchmen are the sign of Jonah!

Many will wish to die (be raptured) but they cannot for they are destined for the seven years of tribulation on this fallen Earth so they receive the gift of desperation by which they will finally seek God Almighty in Truth.

Yes the Watchmen are most likely all saved.


If someone can’t tell Truth from lies and blasphemy from Love of God when written in a book then one thing is sure.  That person does not know Jesus.

His sheep know His voice.  His sheep know His voice. His sheep know His voice.  Did Jesus say this?

John 7:7
“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.”

Nonsense verse-True “a world” cannot hate because its a world not a person.  “But me it hateth” pish posh.  It would have said unbelievers would hate or some other type of human beings with the emotions to hate.  Make no mistake the scholars were very articulate.  The books have fallen.  And the bible pushers are desperate to keep their took of propaganda and control to be seen as truth.

John 15:18
“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”

A “testimony” is of one’s own experience by a walk of evil the man testifies of evil.  Another blasphemous insult to Jesus.  A lie in the bibles and there are many many more.  Inarticulate pish posh is not the writings of the scholars who really wrote the KJVB.

Luke 14:26
“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

HATE YOUR FAMILY SAYS THE DARK LORD OF THE NEW CORRUPT DESECRATED BIBLES.  When will the Watchmen wake up?  And what if they did?  Is their Faith in the Bible itself?  Or is their Faith in God almighty because make no mistake their is a huge difference.  And its called “idolatry” to worship the books.  Especially now that they are full of lies and blasphemy.

Word “hate” now 87 times in KJVB!  Wake up Watchmen!

And the Watchmen read it aloud as if it’s gospel straight from the loving God’s mouth.

As they trample trample the words given to us from Jesus we know they never held His Love and His Truth in their hearts.

One other possibility though. Between the towers of Babel and the Locust on their faces and the winged abomination perched in their hair perhaps they have only forgotten His words. Perhaps they have gone reprobate so we can practice not judging others.

What do you think? Will God save these Watchmen? Or are they squittled because they never knew Him? Perhaps they are both saved and squittled. In their own words some shall be saved but only by fire. And by a purification that is the seven year tribulation.

After all nobody would be saved if God’s Grace was not upon all of us.

Israel had a prodigal walk that if stated aloud would cause the Gentiles to blush. We had to both die literally and resurrect. We had to overcome death and the grave to rip the vail. To walk with Jesus and to see His mysteries.

The tribe of Judah sits at the feet of Jesus as Mary of Bethany did.

We don’t know the spiritual status of the Watchmen. We only know that we are grateful for them. For without them and those who testify of the many supernatural on-going bible changes we may think we are crazy.


When confronted with this information the Christians on Youtube will quickly run to their other idol “Strong’s Concordance”.  And sing the song “hate doesn’t mean hate, hate doesn’t mean HATE!”

Oh but it does Watchmen LOOK AT YOUR BOOK, READ IT!  It is now desecrated.  The prophecy of the desolation of the Holy place IS NOW fulfilled.  X2 body and books body and books.  Reprobate minds the inability to recognize blasphemy (fulfilled).  The inability to remember Truth from day to day.  False memories.  False downloads to the brain called towers of Babel.  Mark of the Eagle or Goat on their foreheads.  This means their allegiance is to the beast system first.

The man’s first Love is on the forehead.  Where the Eagle lands their too shall the corpse lie.  They must burn of purification and they must go through the great tribulation starting the first of 2024 likely at the next two eclipses.

October 14th 2023 & April 8th 2024.  Judah is leaving this Earth very soon we think.  This warning my go out.

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