WAIT I Say WAIT On The Lord. Uhg!

When Will the Veil Be Lifted Off The Watchmen Called by the Sign of Jonah?

The Seer is Not a Watchmen.  She is Chosen Few Scribe to the Elect Called Israel.  Not Jews.  Not religious.  Not a geo-location that makes people more spiritual cause they live in Israel.  NOT THE COUNTRY.   Israel biblically is written of The Children of God.  The Elect.  Those who see the miracles of the end of days.

What does the Seer do when her purpose is to just WAIT?

Grow in patience I suppose.  Try not to do anything wrong.  Pray.  Watch.  Write.

I tell you this much, I am not a watchmen as John from youtube channel is.  But I am very grateful for all the Watchmen.  John goes by “Watchmanforthatgreatday” on Youtube.  The Watchmen are called to the call of Jonah.  They are a different breed of spiritual purpose than the chosen few.  We can see them but they cannot see us.   Nor can they learn from us as we learn from them.

The Watchmen say they got their end of days calling of God around 2015 & 2016.   Their call is to warn the people of Earth as Jonah did.  Warn that the end of days is here and judgement is coming.  They probably don’t yet realize it’s a long haul.  Likely spanning between 2027 & 2031 if the timeline is not shortened..  Two seven year end of days timelines.  Fourteen years of tribulation with many marrying and given in marriage, clueless & unaffected by end of days in other words.

Tribulation Timeline x2. 

Two end times trial timelines.  First for the chosen few to endure Jacob’s trouble 7 years.  Then for the Watchmen and the rest (the many) to endure until the end.  To keep their Faith until the end of the gathering of all souls unto God Almighty.

Who Are The Chosen Few?

The chosen are biblically often called “Israel” they are a people NOT a geographically required location.  “God looks upon the heart”.     Describe the chosen few.

The repel religion/Legion.  They repel sanctimoniousness. And they repel lies.  They see the beast as others cannot.  The vail is lifted from their eyes. That same vail is the strong delusion.   If covers the end of days miracles that are all around us now.  They know what the image of the beast is.  They are not afraid to face their fears head on.  They had to by embracing fear they embrace Truth.  They wear the armor of God and are protected.  They are the woman of Revelation 12 because they know who she is.

She is, they are the intercessors of God who pray in Higher Languages for lost souls by burdens of great travail.  First for lost souls, years on end praying by travail.  But now God rose her up from the ground.  Making her a Seer and a Warrior for end of days concerns.  Yet now she must wait with the watchmen of God.  This is not easy for her.  Having the sight to see what others don’t is harder than one may assume.  We suppose the watchmen know this also.  Seems there’s always someone who sees less or more than we do.

There will likely continue to be those who call us crazy for seeing miracles.  And for the watchmen, they are called crazy for seeing obvious signs that are not miracles.

The Image of The Beast

The Watchmen get their signs off of the Image of the Beast which, by the way they won’t ever admit as being the Image of the Beast (TV, Phone).  My God can it be more obvious?  Hell no.  Then why won’t they admit it.  Sad part is they obviously believe everything the Father of LIes spews from the image.  They may say “it’s all theatre” but their hearts and tongues say different.  They base many precepts/videos upon what the TV tells them as Truth.  It’s quite annoying to watch.

If we admit the TV is the image of the beast then we have to stop watching TV right?  Wrong.

“Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself for that which he allows.”

Some of the few may have stopped watching TV.  Others keep watching and do not condemn themselves for it.  We do not have that right.  We are not God.

Until they face their own heart how will they go before God in Truth?  Idk.  I am not saying the watchmen are not saved.  I am saying they are deceived.  Greatly deceived.  You could say they are just in another reality.  To a point they are.

The chosen few know their own heart.  The watchmen are us, and we are them, all programmed together on Earth by the beast system.  We face our fears head on.  Denial is the go-to emotion to quell fears that are not faced.

Why can’t they face their fears?   Shame.  Fear/shame programming is hard and heavy on Earth.  “If it were possible even the elect would be deceived”.

How do we know that we are not the one’s deceived?

Because we see the blasphemy in the bibles & we remember what the bibles used to say in many instances.  The miracles we see are all prophesied.



What miracles?  Do you really want to know that which you likely cannot see?  The Four angels are here and they do speak to us.  We see the strong delusion.  We see the bibles one and all changing daily.  Ya that one is a big difficult to gain peace from but after six years we have grown accustomed to the supernatural bible changes that we see.  The bibles changes are nefarious.  They are deceptive blasphemous signs and wonders.

Then there’s the mandela effects.   The Mandela effects are sign and wonders that are not nefarious.  No deceptive.  There are thousands upon thousands of mandela effects which regular people see.  Why?  They are signs and wonders from God so men will be saved by seeing the supernatural events.

Christians oddly and Watchmen, even odder cannot see the Mandela Effects.  It’s quite annoying.  NOR can the Watchmen see the supernatural deceptive blasphemous bible changes…very annoying.

Due to the circumstances the elect see it’s quite possible that this scripture applies to the watchmen called by the sign of Jonah.

“A greedy and idolatrous generation seek after a sign.  But no sign will be given to them EXCEPT THE SIGN OF JONAH.”

The call of the watchmen is their sign.  It lines up they are blind to miraculous signs.  They can’t even see mandela effects.  A perfect fulfillment.  God knows they wait for more signs.

So what do the chosen few do who see all this debauchery in front of them?


Our trial is not to judge them.  Not to attack them.  Not to insist that they see.  Not to show them sarcasm or slight of disrespect. We must understand that their great trib is different than ours.  Two timelines.

The dividing of time is here.  And of course they can’t see that either.  But yet the watchmen are all the chosen few have to validate their end of days beliefs.  The chosen few are very few and we do not come in contact with other chosen.

There are too few of us and we are hidden.  Fortunately all of Christianity believes they are the “chosen few”.  This hides us in the crowd thank God.

What of all that chopping of heads stuff in Great trib prophecy?  Well.   Now that we see that much of the bible was always propaganda…we think the head chopping stuff is just idle threats.  To scare people away from becoming true believers in Jesus.  Why.  There is power in receiving The Holy Spirit of God.  The power to become who God wants us to be rather than who the beast would have us pretend to be.


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