Two Seven Year Tribulation Periods?

One for Israel & the Other for The Gentiles.

Since Israel has gone through six years of trials & sorrows due to cleansing emotionally & spiritual clean up. Since our 2017 wake up call we have conclusions.  And the Gentiles cannot relate to or see the miracles all around.  They don’t see the signs and wonders.  Seems there are two realities in play on Earth.  “Two Times”  “The dividing of time” was in Daniel 12:7.  However it’s no longer worded that way in any English bible. Magically disappeared and turned into

Daniel 12:6

And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?

And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware swore by him that (him who) liveth for ever  (has life eternal) that it shall be for a time, times, and an one half(a time); (notice the winky? That’s for the benefit of Israel mocking them with the power of the deceptive miracles) and when he shall have (has) accomplished to scatter confusing the power of the holy people, (Gentiles) all these things shall be finished.

Does that mean when the minds of men are reprobate who took the mark, that we will then be raptured?  Or that the New Earth will magically phase in and simply erase the old Earth just like a mandela effect?  Maybe

Contradiction- “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” _________Jesus

Meaning, practice to mean what you say and say what you mean.  Do not engage in the tower of Babble.  The tower produces new language.  A dialect of lies implemented by the towers of babble the iron rods from Hell.  Spread far and wide the language is a degridated & corrupt manner of speech.  The Babble is  a dialect from Hell which rarely means what is said..  Watch your words.  Let not your belt of Truth be lost.

Mandela Effects = Signs & Wonders sent from God.

The supernatural bible changes to all bibles old and new desecrating horribly God’s words.  = Deceptive signs and wonders.

The changes to all language on Earth.  Most people no longer speak proper English. =The Tower of Babble event.  The cell towers making men’s minds desolate and reprobate.  The iron rods.

Two Tribulation Periods Seven Years Each?

Where am I getting this theory?  Memories.  Memories of what the bibles said prior to 2012 when reality began to go haywire.    And the two times entered reality.

There were celestial events but I was not paying attention back then.  Actually I know that the “Lion shall lie with the lamb” scripture disappeared from all bibles prior to 2006 when I wrote my first book.

Actually 2017 was the notable year for my wake up.  Many many things about me changed in 2017.  The cleansing or purification of Israel began in 2017.  The vail was lifted to see into the dark realms of Earth.  Also the Great American Eclipse occured on September 23, 2017.  I watched it with eye protective glasses.  It was a big deal.  People were passing out the glasses in town for all to see the sun go dark.  I had no idea how much it would change in me.  This is why the 2024 eclipse is so important to me.

In April, 2023 I saw the moon go dark and “not give it’s light”.  Yet I could see the dark moon against the darker sky.

I had a vision or dream that God said He would return to us when the Sun goes dark.  So I looked up the next full solar eclipses to be seen over America where I would see the Sun go dark. It’s on April 8, 2024.  Less than a year away.

WE DON’T KNOW WHAT JESUS’ RETURN WILL LOOK LIKE.  But to be sure, judging from the amazing signs and wonders God is producing.  And judgeing from the deceptive miracles at hand…His return WILL NOT BE LIKE THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES PORTRAYED.

Fulfilled Prophecies

Why?  Because none of the prophecies of Truth are fulfilling in a predictable way at all.  Like the strong delusion.  The stars falling from Heaven.  The Earth’s wobble to and fro.  The twinkling of the eye.  God’s revealing of all things end of days, The towers of babble, The Sacred Donkey ride, The Locust from the pit, The winged abomination, The False Prophet, Build treasure in Heaven, The Antichrist, The wicked one sitting in the Holy place, The wicked one calling himself God in the holy place, The perilous times unlike any other, men prefer the lies, The plagues, The Image of the Beast, “these things I do you shall do also, and even greater shall you do.”  The signs in the skies.  The moon spinning around and changing like a clam shell.  The sun turning white spewing lazer rays.  The sun always staying in the South now.  The luminaries shall not keep their places. The Harlot’s demise (the restrainer).  All these prophecies are now fulfilled one after another.  They are True however they don’t look like people expected and so the Christians can’t see them at all.  The many can’t see the beast.  They do not recognize their enemy nor do they see it’s cunning diabolical ravaging of mankind.  “The wise will understand”.   Perhaps the 144,000 can see the enemy because they are warriors.  It would make no sense for the Spirit filled warriors for God on Earth to be blind to the enemy.

I can show you how I saw the fulfillments in real time of every one of these prophecies.  And yet the Watchmen see only their calling that is the sign of Jonah.  The many many  Watchmen ARE THE SIGN OF JONAH.  Was Jonah not a Watchman?  Are they not warning us?  Yet they don’t see the sign of Jonah fulfilled in end of days.  Amos 8:11 &12 fulfilled.  Famine of God’s words on Earth.

How Do We Know We Have The Gift of The Holy Spirit & the Supernatural Gifts?

So it’s likely the Gentiles cannot see evil because they are on a need to know basis.  And since they don’t actually have The Holy Spirit Baptism neither do they have the gifts of The Holy Spirit to wage war in the night.  Sorry Gentiles but if you ain’t a tongue talker (and I don’t mean mere utterances I mean the full blown Higher Languages The blessed and powerful gift of tongues) if you are not a tongue talker neither can you learn the “New Song”.  The Holy Spirit gifts come by the laying on of hands and prayer from those who have The Holy Spirit in them.  God Himself makes this happen by transference and in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

If you didn’t have a profound spiritual experience by prayer and laying on of hands you likely never received The Holy Spirit gifts.  No this doesn’t mean your not born again if you say you are.  Not mine to judge.  I go by experience.  My own born again experience was fairly suttle in some ways.  Yet I began to change morally.  I did not receive the Baptism of The Holy Spirit until three years after being born again.

I know the Watchmen don’t have the Holy Spirit because they think it’s an extended conscience.  As if they were not born with a good conscience, and with emotions like guilt, shame, remorse, regret and the rest of the repentant driving feelings.    The Gift of The Holy Spirit is not a second set of conscience.

Furthermore the Watchmen never speak of any of the Holy Spirit gifts except discernment.  Intercessory prayer was the burden for lost souls.  That burden is finished.  It’s harvest time.  The prayers of Higher Languages lead by The Holy Spirit are now all about pouring down the announcement of Jesus’ return to Earth.  That is part of the starke change which the intercessors went through in 2018-ish.  Their prayer changed drammatically into power prayer, calling out of Angels, calling out of other Deity which have been cleaning up the Earth.  Yes much like the New Agers proclaim, paving The Way for Jesus’ return.  Free flying demons are being cast to Hell.  And demonic strongholds have been crushed by the Lion’s of Judah.  The Serpent’s head is CRUSHED not “bruised” as the Gentiles remember it being “bruise, bruise”.  PISH POSH!

Who is provoked to jealousy?  Well Israel pretty much covets God’s favor though covetousness is sin.  Israel knows their own heart thanks to God’s work in them.  They have accepted their human condition.

THE STRONG DELUSION COVERS THE MINDS of the many Christian Watchmen.  All the idolatrous generation gets right now is the Rev. 12 sign and their calling of the sign of Jonah.  And dreams and visions. And of course their special end of days sign being “The Image of the Beast” TV of which they believe every lie it spews from the news CAST.   Their Idolatry is full bore over the desecrated bibles which they erroneously call by Jesus’ title.

The attacks on mankind are done in stealth.

I have learned that God is NOT PREDICTABLE.  And that His irony is unmatched.  He uses 1/2 blind men to proclaim truth to his chosen.  When He poured out His Spirit upon “All Flesh” it was for a reason.  The Watchmen are the sign of Jonah.  They have the same Jonah calling on their lives as was prophecy in the books.   Prophecy isn’t predictable either.  It’s accurate by Truth.  But none of the preachers foretold correctly how these end of days prophecies would look in real time.

What do you mean Jazweeh?

Well, for instance, the prophecy that says “do you not know that you shall judge Angels of God?”

Every preacher interpreted that script as if we humans once saved on the New Earth will pass judgement on the fallen Angels as if we were God The Righteous Judge.  As if our hearts are capable of judging such matters.  We know very little about God’s Holy Ministering Spirits of Sacred measure.  Yet false pride dictates that we will pass judgement on Angels of God.

WRONG!  This prophecy is already fulfilled by the fallen angel propaganda campaign that has taken the Christians minds to bait. They are baited and hooked by the stories of Holy Angels having sex with women of Earth.

Pish Posh!

The script NEVER SAID THAT.  All it said is that the Sons of God saw the women of Earth as being beautiful.  That’s it!  Granted the Genesis 6 Angel story has likely multiplied and changed on the pages magically.   Just like the rest of the bible passages are corrupt.

Which leads me to the desecration of the temple prophecy.  The place which God set up His Holy words was sacred.  Until He took the seal off the book and let the Dark Lord have his way with it.

Hence the next fulfillment of prophecy…which Christians are blind to as well.  The blasphemy that they cannot see in the bibles renders the bible the worst dark idol for Christians of all time.  The bible blatantly calls itself God.  And it blatantly calls itself “The Word of God”.  The Christians call it by Jesus’ title.

That means IDOL.  Especially while they are following dark proverbs and dark evil precepts.  It’s horrible yet we cannot stop watching it progress daily.

Who knew that the once Holy Bibles would change on the shelves.

God help us.

So the desecration of the temple is a two fold prophecy fulfilled by the blasphemy of putting animal DNA into the bodies of those who willingly became hybrids.  Both human and beast mixed.  Hence the fulfillment of the mark of the beast.  Also a two fold prophecy.  How?

Well gentile do you really want to go to the next fulfillment?  Remember God said they would not repent.  Not that they couldn’t repent from the end of days sin and blasphemy.  It’s true God always allows repentance as far as I know.  Even though the mark is in a category of its own sin.

The blindness of the Gentiles to all this makes us think that perhaps God has another tribulation style in store for the 1/2 blind Gentiles even the Watchmen who know we are in the end of days, yet the only sign they are allowed is their calling.  The sign of Jonah.  Yet another fulfillment.

IT IS RAINING PROPHECY FULFILLMENTS IN OUR REALITY OF THE TWO TIMES.  While all the rest of Christianity and religion see little to nothing.

“An Idolatrous generation shall seek a sign but no sign is given except the sign of Jonah. The calling of the Watchmen.  And to see so many Watchmen.

The Watchmen & those who listen to have the main prophecy source being The Image of The Beast.  Ya how ironic.  Hence another fulfillment.  The image of the beast is the TV and the phone.  Could it be any more obvious.  The lies are innumerable that come from the talking TV statue.

Yet they are again BLIND to such an obvious fulfillment.  They cannot identify the Image of the Beast.  They believe the news as if it was gospel.  The Dark Lord’s gospel are the news channels.

And yes we also know who the false prophet and antichrist are.  And his head wound.  And with verification and confirmations.

The words “false prophet” and “antichrist” are being scrubbed from all BIBLES!  Why?  Because making mythical creatures like “Red Dragons” and “Beasts” leave people in the dark not looking for a human to blame.

Its very obvious who they are.  He is named by name in the bibles or was.  “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the children of God.”

“Gates’ hotel firm has also been working with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem which hopes to secure property close to the Vatican in the Palazzo della Rovere on the storied via della Conciliazione that leads from the Tiber River to St. Peter’s Square. The Palazzo Rovere would be managed by Gates’ Four Seasons group, but the Vatican scoffed at having a luxury hotel so close to its homeless facilities.” According to The Daily BEAST.

Why can’t Christian put these fact together?  Why are they so blind?  The blind one’s apparently prefer the lies.  They likely took the mark.  And though they proclaim Jesus their heart is far from Him.  They do not know Him.  That’s what Legion/Religion does to people by programming their perceptions.  They can’t see what is right in front of them.

Gates of Hell is all over the GMO human agenda.  He/they successfully re-created mankind in the image of the BEASTS literally.  Hybrids.  Make no mistake I studied the sy ance at length for years on end.  I know what chots do to mankind.  Did to mankind.

False Prophet Revealed.

So who put Gates of Hell in power?  The False Prophet is literally A FALSE PROPHET who predicts future events and has predicted for years on end.  Publically.   The F.P. predictions are all over the internet.  They call him “The Oracle of Omaha”.  How virtuous a name.  His is by far one of the richest men on Earth.  And he literally set up Gates of Hell financially.  The F.P. is Warren Buffet.  He is a eugenicist and put Gates of Hell on task with the Mark.  By inside trading he owns the market therefore he has inside info and that makes him a false prophet, modern day.

Am I not lining up with fading scripture?  You see these particulars of the F.P. putting the A.C into power are magically disappearing from all bibles.

And disappearing from most all memories due to the Iron Rod of the towers of Babble.

Will the gentiles get their Hollywood movie style tribulation?  Good question.  I just don’t know.  The dividing of times making two realities means at some point Israel the people (chosen few) may all together SPLIT from the reality of the Gentiles.  A reality that we can see in the Moon and in the Sun as it divides making two moons.  The two moons are becoming further and further apart from one another says the Seer.

The Mandela effects may very likely bring in The New Earth coming down from the Heavens.  The signs and wonders are increasing as birth pains.  As prophesied…again.  We think God is steering His signs and wonders into  The coming of The New World.  And with it we are transforming gradually. Not over night as we would prefer of course.  We are not super heroes instantly gaining super strength and abilities.  At least not yet.  But we (the few) are being purified of that I have no doubt.

Most Gentiles Never Received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

How do I know?  Because all of mankind is born with The Sacred Spirit of Life.  This is the Divine Presence of God which brings with it Faith eternal, and Hope eternal.  Where the person puts that supernatural eternal Faith & Hope is the primary important question.

Gentiles mock the way the Spirit works.  They mock the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  The mock the rushing mighty wind which causes the person to fall out by letting go.  The God works on them as they lay on the floor in sight of all in the church to see.

This prayer and laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit is highly mocked.  And the gentiles don’t realize the status quo composure which would stop the person from falling out (I have been there) also stops the working of The Spirit.

They call the Sacred event “Satanic”.  But if Satan wars against Satan his kingdom will fall.  Evil is as evil does.  Being different is not evil.  Quench not the Spirit by your shame and embarrassment of it.  Embarrassment is what quenches The working of The Holy Spirit.

Without the letting go of this worlds status quos and fear of people (fear of what they think of us) then we are not going to get what God has to offer.  Without Jesus’ name being praised during the prayer and laying on of hands The Holy Spirit won’t come.  Jesus’ name is part of it.   Praise and thanks is part of it.   Prayer from others who already have The Holy Spirit is part of it.  This is why they have not received.  They did not seek God in the highways and byways seeking out God with diligence and fervor.

“Seek God in the highways and byways.” Ya that WAS a scripture back in the day of Truth.  Somewhat Truth as the books were never without propaganda in my lifetime.



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