To Those Who Believe They Are the 144

But have found themselves in the Great Tribulation Instead

I Am the Scribe and Soldier of God Jazweeh

For five years I wrote for the 144 with topics about the 144.  Topics that the tribulation saints would not believe or understand.  For God has allowed all tribulation saints to be kept under a vail of safety.  It would have been too much for too long for them to know their calling to become chosen few by tribulation Faith.  The time is near, very near that the 133 (those who go before the throne now) and the 144 (God’s army NOW not later & have been his army on Earth for likely many years) are leaving Earth. for more on 144 jobs.

Trib. Saints are vital to the Kingdom of God.  No we are not saved by works of the kingdom.  But works follow Faith and works of God’s Spirit should not be minimized for the sake of intellectual eternal security.   Faith in God saves our soul.

Seems that most who call themselves “Watchmen on the Wall” are also Tribulation Saints.  Why do I say that?  Because they are under the protective vail of those will shall have the opportunity to become chosen of God by making the choices of a tribulation saint.

The 144 can see the vail on the watchmen protection them from the agony of fear of the future.  One of J. Kleck’s subs actually drew it on his head and sent him the picture.  I haw drawn it as well.  God just revealed to us the purpose of the vail when its on trib. saints.  The same vail is on the lost for different reasons.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love Jesus.”

FAITH STILL SAVES Grace however is part of forgiveness and likely not eternal. There are 3 eternal gifts (2nd Cor. 13) of The Holy Spirit.  Faith, Hope, & Love.  The greatest is Love.  Where that Hope Faith and Love are put, matter.  Putting any of those in the book and in its contents is a recipe for a fall into the lake of fire.  God's words by now should be written on your heart.  And yes many of them were in the book.  But the time of the bible is done.  Faith must be in God Himself ye must know Jesus by showing Him your whole heart.  ALL OF IT!   Come one, (says the scribe) there are only so many sins..  God knows them all. You think your sin is special worse than the 144?  Or worse than those who ended up in a state worse than they were even after they knew God?  That my friend is tribulation.   Write all your secret hidden sins all down.  THE ONE'S YOU DON'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW.  Tell God you know NOT how to trust Him.  Tell Him He fear your just not worthy of Him.

PLEASE PLEASE don’t leave!  I have good news for you.  If you are here you are likely on the same Faith level as these.   You see the 133,144 have ALREADY gone though great tribulation in their lives and already died once.  Hence the second death.  YOU are in line to receive the same tribulation levels they went through but you shall do so in a much shorter time.  Not being nearly as agonizing.  And you won’t need the many many many educational lessons to become spiritually what they are.

All you have to do is endure to the end.  Just endure and know that God Loves you.  And IF by chance you go before the chopping block or see the Wormwood fly, know this, you shall feel no pain.  God will take you up just before the bad parts.  Yes your not subject to God’s wrath.  But tribulation is not God’s wrath.  It’s God’s gift of desperation so those will cry out for Him.

You were chosen to be a tribulation saint by your own choices in life.  That is with all of us.  It is by our choices in life that we stepped into one of The Father’s various spiritually defining templates of life.  By stepping into the template by choice you are both predestined, and have free will.  The paradox explained.

I will have more articles for you but there isn’t much time for us here.  See we have already faced the great disappointment where we either curse God and die, or embrace His will by saying

“THY WILL BE DONE” and meaning it.  And its easy to mean it.  You hand God your heart and ask Him to make you/it in His will. Do it with all honesty and ferver.

The burden of change won’t be on your shoulders, it will be on His.  Now has come your choice.  How do you endure?  Do not take the mark its that easy.  One task.  To be a tribulation saint and to receive all the promises of the 144/133 ye must put your will in the hands of God by giving Him permission with your whole heart, considering any consequences up and even unto death at the chopping block.  You will die either way, we all do/have.

It may help if you write down your greatest fears (fear is part of the human condition for it you have been shamed by the beast) write the fears and ask God to remove them.  Then say “Thy will be done in my Life”.  With all meaning of heart.

As being one who has done this very same thing my life improved greatly when I did this.

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