The Watchmen Do Not Know The Good Sheppard’s Voice.

Here is what’s coming

The New Earth is coming.  But first the old must burn.

They do have an anointing however to warn the people.  We are grateful for them in spite of their strong delusion.

My God how long must we bare with these vailed watchmen?

We watch the Watchmen because they are all we have to wait with us.  We wait as they do.   Gentiles vs. Israel is a dysfunctional relationship.  Love/hate for lack of a better term.

Brother John says he is “afflicting his soul”.  A new verse from the desecrated bibles.

How then Watchmen John will you “afflict your own soul”?  Your incapable except perhaps to engage in some mortal sin.  To mare the soul by sin is not a good thing.   And yet you embrace it as something good by your reprobate mind.  Your inability to know your right hand from your left.

ITS YOU WHO ARE NOT “OF US”.   You never held God’s precious Truth in your heart and you do not know Jesus.  If you did…you would see the abomination of desecration.  If you knew Jesus you would know that bible is no longer His words.  (Granted some Truth is still in all bibles)

You don’t even recognize CONTRADICTIONS.  Your worship the Bibles not God Himself since you hail the desecrated bibles as being authority over both God and The Sacred Holy Spirit.

Sure your a Watchmen anointed to warn as Jonah was.  The combined many watchmen are the sign of Jonah.  Yet your know not your right hand from your left.  Your mind will become desolate by the end of the seven years of Gentile tribulations.

You want “normal” back John Boucher?  It ain’t happening.  ALL DEVICES WILL BE ANNIHILATED.  ALL devices!  All metal turned to dust.  God will destroy every aspect of the Beast system’s construction. And Israel says good riddance.

Your date John is 2024 April 8-18.  You will be gone by then we surmise.


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