The Most Important Video Joe Imbreano

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Whoops!  Looks like some people do not want to be promoted by a Watchman. Video was removed due to the youtube terms of Service.  But you can see it on you tube.  But now I don’t know which video it was.    Something to do with wifi in schools I think.

Turn off the wifi.  HARD WIRE ALL YOUR DEVICES.  Keep cell phones at bay.  Furthermore see my many emf safety articles with solutions to emf.  You CAN make your home SAFE from EMF.

The powers that be don’t give a f**k about your health.  They prefer you be dependent upon big pharma and go to an early grave.

Why don’t they teach a dang thing about electromagnetic frequencies and the measurement of it including the health risks?  Why?  Because its their INVISIBLE WEAPON of choice.  Directed energy weapons.

Jittery is one of the main symptoms.  Skin drying and flaking off, inability to hydrate, vertigo, headaches.  I know this first hand when I took a few classes at a college sitting in rooms with industrial strength wifi and 100 cell phones receiving signals constantly.  The exposure showed me that I am sensitive to emf.

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