The Frustration & Miracles of the Dividing of Time


They did not love God’s Truth or hold it in their hearts.  And so now they remember that which was not. And they see that which is not.  They now know lies and blasphemy as if it were some holy Truth.

Quite disturbing to watch for seven years on end.  As we scream at the image of the beast… “why can’t they REMEMBER!” Yet we know why they have forgotten, forgotten.  The diamonds forgot the diamond forgot trample and trott the diamonds forgot.  Perhaps they were never really diamonds.

While the Christians on Youtube bask in their ‘same as’ reality….seeing none of the miraculous signs and wonders…Israel the people are in ‘an inconvenient reality’ to say the least.  We pray Jacob’s troubles are finally over.  Therefore dealing with our dividing of time/two times pesky new reality is not so troublesome compared to Jacob’s troubles.

What do we mean “inconvenient reality?” you may ask.  Well Matt on “quantum of conscience” spells it out quite well & a light touch of humor when he says (and I am paraphrasing) this reality is simply out to make our lives difficult one minor inconvenience at a time.

How to Deal With Frustrated Customers – And Make Them Happy

Examples of Jacob’s inconvenient reality-I have a handy little tea mug warmer that looks like a miniature coffee maker burner it plugs into the wall.  It doesn’t fare well when tea spills onto it.  It burns the surface of heat and creates a gummy mess on the burner/warmer.

For some reason in this reality I can’t take a sip of tea without it dribbling down my cup.  No matter what I do.  So I either have to wipe the mug after every sip.  Or just let it gum up on the burner.


Also, I have an array of glass pyrex measuring cups which poured quite accurately in the old reality with their perfectly designed spouts.  For years now every time I use my measuring cups to pour my homemade herbal tea it spills all over the stove. “Too fast” says the measuring cup!  “Pour slower!”

No the cups don’t really speak to me.  But they make clear they don’t work normally any more.  Granted it seems all the core elements of Earth have changed.

It’s as if the spout changes dimensions daily.  And I can never accurately pour the tea without a mess.  Finally I did find out its secret…and these are measuring cups which all worked fine before around idk 2019.

Now I have to pour at a very painstaking rate otherwise…the mess.  Slow slow slow pour or the spouts won’t work right.

Oh sure at first I thought it was just the Chinese made products.  But after seeing a pattern of these mandela affected inconveniences for years on end I realize it’s by design.

I’ve had my $35 organic-ish coffee mugs for years.  I don’t dribble.  But now every sip is a dribble.

But I am grateful for the tea.  I make my own blends of Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Rose Hips, and other various natural plant teas.  Allegedly organic.

I think perhaps we are being tested for temperance and the one word in the bible I always disdained…”long suffering”.  The New Earth is coming and perhaps we are being prepared.

I could go over many more inconvenience examples like my TV’s not working one day and fix themselves the next.  Or my washer not spinning correctly and leaving soaked clean clothes.  Words constantly changing due to the sign and wonders and the towers of Babel.  The annoying trampling of God’s words by the Gentiles.  While they embrace blasphemy and make quotes of nonsense verses.  And of course there’s the fact that my partner can’t see shit.

He thinks everything is the same while reality spins around us both.  His mind is in tandem with the desecrating of the towers of Babel.  My tolerance of him could be better.  However I have done fairly well in not projecting my annoyances onto him.  Co-dependant rule of thumb. Do not project.

I am the only one who can process my feelings in a healthy and orderly way.

The well water is looking more and more like plasma water every day.  I thank God it’s clean and drinkable.

Towers of Babble are Erected All Around Us

People’s ability to speak proper dialect is waning rapidly.  And for a Scribe of God that’s a huge annoyance.  That must be overcome as well, by patience and tolerance, and the dreaded ‘long suffering’.

Small Talk is Nearly Unbearable

My family is avoiding me because I don’t fare well with small talk that’s meaningless in the end of days.  When I get totally frustarated I ask God to rapture me out.

You kow that “people want to die but can’t” scripture.  It most likely said “people want to be raptured but cannot”.  I’de bet money on it!

More and more I click “add my word to dictionary” on Google or “Gog”.  So as to defy the towers of babel and their desecrated dialects of Middle English.

I have always avoided buying any clothing that’s not cotton.  Now my closet is full of polyester laced cotton products.  Granted I remember when Walmart quit selling denim jeans and I did buy a few spandex jeans out of desperation.  But not that many.

I cut tags out of all clothing and yet I had to do it all over again.  I have aged ten years in the last two years if I look in the mirror the sight is very disturbing.  And at the same time I know I am becoming immortal to walk the New Earth for a long time.

I assume my sudden rapid aging is some kind of Spirit/flesh trial.  I know the mirrors lie of course.  According to the mirrors I have turned ten years older in two years time.  Not a pretty sight.  Some of my skin looks like my great grandmothers did at the age of 80-ish.

“We shall all be changed in the twinkling of the eye.”  Pray God it comes quickly!

And what’s that new bible script about “inconvenience”?  A word that was NEVER in the KJVB before.

occurs 9 times in 9 verses in the KJV.   To be sure any script with this word in it is a new scripture and that makes it suspect.

It’s not virtue of being some super naive innocent who doesn’t recognize insult, blasphemy, immoral innuendo, sarcasm, and nonsense.   Not for adults anyway.  However what we see in the bibles is disgusting. The Christians prefer the lies.  They dispelled Truth and therefore they follow, serve, and quote the new scripture of the Dark Lord’s bible. THE TRUE KJVB SCHOLARS WERE NOT BLIND TO SEXUAL IMMORALITY AND VAG REFERENCES TO IT.

They were astute, articulate & brilliant.  And yet Christians make no inquiries of the many blatant errors and contradictions now in all bibles.

“[As touching our brother Apollos, I greatly desired him to come] unto you with the brethren: but his will was not at all to come at this time; but he will come when he shall have convenient time.”

Christians on YT have no problem with “two men in one bed” or “two women grinding together”

Or are we bad because we are not blind to blasphemy in the desecration of the holy place?

It is prophesied that those with a reprobate mind will no longer know righteousness from degradation & blasphemy.

As the new words are downloaded to the bibles daily, so too are the words downloaded into the minds of the Watchmen.  They quote one day old scripture as if it always was.  And to them it was always in the bibles.

The Locust.  The winged abomination.  The towers of babel.  And the strong delusion.

The Locust lives inside the face attaching itself to the Eagle the mark on the foreheads of mankind.  “Where the Eagle is their shall the carcass be also”.  Do you see the Eagle mark on the foreheads in plain sight?  It varies in appearance but is unmistakable to us.


The Horror Story

Seems the Locust from the pit is painless.  Yet we heard the flapping wings of the winged abomination and destroyed it by Spirit of God.

Shape shifting spirit came upon mankind in the night.  It has no legs however.  Nor can it fly.  The winged rat carried it on it’s back to perch in the hair of man.  While the Locust inserts itself into the face unlike any other demonic creature.  It is vile, vulgar, blinding, and painless.


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