The Book of Forgetting

“LOSING A SOUL” ╪ 2013
Written by Dorothy Ruth Stirrum

As I went through my grandmother’s attic, I found a strange old journal labeled, “The Journal of Forgetting”. Its pages were yellow and empty. It drew me in with curious arousal. In my silent pain, I spun the web of forgetting.

I began to write upon the age old paper as it magically absorbed my life’s emotionally debilitating burdens. The children I have born with my soul and have lost somehow. My grief and mourning seep into the lines of the uncanny ink as I write. I recall the lovers found in bliss by my minds eyes’ sensual allure, of whom I have thrown away and displaced for causes of betrayal and the abrupt stroke of a strong swift slap. Memory soaks into the magic, accepting pages.

As my essence of pain fades, I studiously continue to inscribe my lost childhood dreams. A tear drops on the thick, yellowed paper of old it smolders and disappears. I recant the love I so innocently gave to those I perceived as lovingly responsible. I remember that I was only a waif to them as they strongly crushed my world with selfish blows of abuse. The page is full. I watch as the ancient journal, without my hand, turns itself to the next page. It is as if crystal lights are dancing on the book as it draws light from faded sun. Is there more? Must I forget all my painful memories to be at peace? I guard my pen.

Curiously and cautiously, I turned to the back of the book. In small print of blood, the words appeared “Stealing a Soul: Volume 27″. I gasped! Subtly and seductively, this magic book of relief would supernaturally steal my God breathed life. Painful memories, though some may be, they made me a grand member of humanity. The tragedies made me who I am today by the choices I made in spite of yesterday. I realized that if dealt with by expression and acceptance, these burdens forge in me the very character that makes men faithful, understanding and wise.

I left the book behind for those who may choose not to experience life and truth in its full color spectrum. Or perhaps this book of illusion will lure another in to awaken to life! For by accepting what I wrote in that journal, I had accepted myself.

Some say there’s a Mandela Effect afoot that’s changing reality.  How?  What was real and true, now, never was.  What was not, now, always was.  The tower of babble is at hand changing words and languages internationally & secretly.

The strong delusion is absence of memory and an inability to recognize blasphemy in the bibles for Christians.

Desecration of (2) two once holy places.

  1. The body where the Holy Spirit of God resided.
  2. The books where He laid down His words for us.

The bibles are folly and only a shadow of what they were prior to 2017.  So say the seers. Oddly those who are “Mandela affected” all see identical changes.  They all agree on what has changed.  On the most part.

Google is quick to grab the narrative and call the M.E. “misremembering”.   However memory loss doesn’t occur in tandem by groups.  The Christians who are supposed to be the believers of what is supernatural are the biggest critics of the phenomena.  They cannot see the fulfilled prophecies.

The M.Effects are harmless changes in reality.  The M.E. is for signs and wonders so men will be saved by seeing miraculous events.  And its working.

However the bible changes are different breed.  They are on the most part “deceptive signs and wonders”.  Deceptive. That’s right but you will likely call it “lying signs and wonders” even if you see some of the changes.  Even though one needs a voice to tell lies.  The scholars of old were near perfect in their articulate dialect.  Old English was a thing of beauty.  Now the desecrated bibles are vile with corrupt language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.  ALL DESECRATED.  The remaining bibles are made up of language which we who see, have no part in.

The books all change daily over and over and over the words on the pages magically compromised.  How?  Magic.

Language that the many embrace with the lies.

I find that this 2003 poem of prophecy is ironically close to what is happening to bibles today.  They are fluid, unstable, desecrated, and deceptive, full of curses unto man.  “Do Not Read Aloud from the book of curses”!  But yes the wolf has written some truth in the books for posterity sake.

The connection between this poem and the bible changes is this.  The minds of men are being changed with the bibles to match them.  What is evil is now seen as good.  What was good is leaving their minds.  Soon their minds will be as desolate as the bibles they read.  They have traded Truth for comfort.  And traded God for the beast.  Just like the poem I wrote the lies were a relief of emotional pain.

If the bibles are the same as they ever were to you too, then you have traded Truth for lies, and God in Heaven for the beast.

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