Mysteries of God and the End of the Age of Darkness

Apocalypse Now.

What is going on with the end of days?  How will it all play out?  The bible prophecies are both Truthful and skewed.  The bibles were always coded for good reason.  It was not for us or for the dark side to know God’s precise plans.  Many great truths were written in the books but now the bibles fade to darkness.  New Bibles shall be written as the old earth must now burn.

The towers of Babble commenced to do their damage to most people on Earth.  And so by dialect and language the people are now even more deceived than they were.  They are bound by the words they read and believe in.  They enjoy the lies.  While the unbelievers have no concern with eternity or salvation.  Their Hope lies in the material realm.


Fire is Coming to Earth and it is also already here.

In this time of great awakenings so too comes the vail of sleep upon the Gentiles and upon the unbelievers.  Jesus’ bloodline shall soon be alone on Earth to learn the lessons of gods.  By teachers who are ordained by The Most High God those who sat at the feet of Jesus shall now learn great mysteries.  Furthermore those who sat at the feet of Jesus from the Tribe of Judah have received the gauntlet of immortality.

Why would Jesus say “If I cause him (one of the apostles) to walk the Earth for a thousand years what business is that of yours?”  Why did He say that?

To be sure He was putting Peter (we think) in his place of humility opposed to grandeur.  The Apostles wanted the same power as Jesus.  All flesh craves what it sees as better than itself.  Of course it does.  However that which comes easily to the man also is eventually taken for granted.  That is the way of the flesh.

The other reference to a thousand years was the New Earth reference.  What Jesus meant is this, it will require one thousand years of alone time for a man to grow in God in righteousness.  To not only become immortal by blessing.  But also to walk the Earth and learn who he is without vanity, false pride, without other human contact.

And so as the New Earth grows in beauty power and New Nature, so too shall Judah grow into his immortality.  This is much different than what the Gentiles are lining up for.  Their motto is that God did all the work and Jesus on the cross.  “Once saved always saved”.  They pride themselves in showing that salvation is by Faith through Grace.

Granted the books being inverted put Grace first now over the Great and Eternal Gift of Faith/Love/Hope.     Nevertheless, as the new gospel turns to “faith in blood” so too the new Christians put their gift of Faith in a carnal piece of the flesh.  “blood”.  Instead of in God Himself.  To know Him and to understand His will…no need for all that says the new gospel!  He did all the work and its a sin to say that you have any part in the footwork at hand.

And so their eternity will be simple paradise.  Since they prefer the lies of the New Dark Lord’s books they are tied to its *Kahdarash.  Its age old spells of darkness and of bondage.   Slaves to their Kahdahsh.

Or their God and their Word.

There is a huge difference between knowing God, & knowing Jesus as opposed to knowing the books and it’s words.  Making the bible one’s god puts the Gentiles under certain laws of the ages.  God-words persay.  Binding words that send men to bondage rather than setting them free.  Lies rather than Truth attach to their hearts and they fall into their paradise of deception.

God knows there are worse things.  Somehow they become what they believe.  And if I am to become what I believe let it be Truth rather than lies.  No matter how task-making the Truth is.  It is I who should grow to Truth not Truth which grows to deception by my denial.

Men of god are relentless with their seeking of Truth.  And it is likely that Truth itself is also an eternal gift.   Even if it’s not listed as such with Faith, Hope, & Love.  Nevertheless it is part of the armor of God which makes it eternal.  And so those who side with this great eternal gifts realize their value.

And they become the clay in God’s hands.  Being pliable, molded, and shaped into righteous children of God Almighty.

Many of our prayers go out into our own ancestry of the higher realm bloodlines.  This is powerful especially in this new age.

The Dark Lords knew that the bloodline would determine the new rule of Earth.  The time of light is here.

The Dark bloodlines (Elite) failed their rulership of Earth.  And by their failure and by the Faith & Truth of Judah with Hope eternal, the Lions of God Almighty now take hold of their eternity.  As the Dark Lord’s fade into the ages of time.

The Dark power towers of time have melted.   Their thrones of evil are dispensed unto nothingness as great towers of sugar or salt also melt.   Fading away on a distant bay of humidity and clouds.  Gone gone gone are the once crystal thrones of men.

“Their bondage and wreckage decreases while Judah’s immortality increases.”  Proclaims the Scribe of God.

  No one can nullify the natural laws of God written in the stars.

My words are True.  The Dark now decreases and Jesus increases.  The Light of Love now increases.  Truth is set above in the crystal thrones of light color and Truth.  By The Spirit of God Himself the Light took down the Dark to it’s fallen place.

A Mystery & Proclamation of Truth Which Few Can Know

Time is their’s no more.  Judah now holds time safe in it’s realm.  By the dream of a mortal who walks the Heaven’s.   The power of all the ages is returned to righteousness through Faith by God’s favor and Grace.  To follow God’s leading is to live.

The Kingdom now belongs to the Lords of Light in all their Brilliance and Glory.  God Almighty The Creator of The Heavens and of The Earth is now allowing the New Earth to spring forth with it’s New Nature.

What’s coming is a kinder and gentler Nature of which mankind will drink from & respect wholly.  By Holy decree never again shall Earth become the enemy of mankind.  And mankind shall never again become the enemy of Earth.  Earth it’s own Life giving force.

Only God appoints new watchers and new protectors of Earth under the realm of Judah the Halo of Life and Light.

However first the old must burn and it is.  First the Son/Sun.  The Ark of the covenant shall soon be the fulfillment of the harvest of souls.

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