Its 9-11 the Big Day for the Gentile Watchmen


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John John John watchman for that great day.   You hang in there!  The True Israel the children of God Almighty depend on the Gentiles and others like you for encouragement & prayers.  We see the miraculous signs that you don’t yet see due to the Gentile veil.  But nevertheless we also experience doubt and fear.  After all that is the human condition of the flesh.

How do we overcome doubt and fear?  The eternal gifts of Love, Hope, and Faith are our devotions.  We hang on to Jesus who is now wearing the official white robe which signifies something great.  How is it we see mysteries in the Spirit?  Father gives us sight.  Knowledge puffs up and Jesus buffets our false pride.  The chosen have been purified.   Nearly seven years have passed since the process of purification began.  Nearly seven years since we began to see the miracles in the sky.

Nearly seven years since Father and Jesus gave us the date of the great eclipse 2024 April 8th-18th. 144 is all over our date.  144 & 133 are the numbers Israel sees.  The eclipse date has been our date since 2017.

133-Those who go before the throne.

Its still a guess.  Not a prophecy that we know of anyway.

We have also seen April 18th for years on end.  Back in 2017 He woke us up to the end of days.  The veil fell from our eyes and we are now able to see the four angels flying high in the skies with binoculars or unaided eyes.  Signs and wonders are many.

The watchmen are the sign of Jonah though they don’t know it.  Did Jonah not warn the people of coming destruction?  However this time the Earth will burn so the New Earth can come to those who wait.  Those called to seed the New Earth are prepared to walk the Earth for a thousand years.  To chronicle God’s great mysteries of the New Nature.  To write a True Bible of words that heal.

Yes many true prophecies are and were in the once Holy Bibles.  However they were always skewed and now they are desecrated.  The desecration of the Holy place is hidden from the eyes of the Gentiles so they can see Truth when they need it most.  Not all the supernatural bible changes are deceptive.  But clearly the books are no longer the voice of The Good Shepard, Jesus.

His sheep know His voice.  We saw the Moon go completely dark on 4-23-23.  We could see it and the paths on it due to the surrounding bright stars.  It was amazing to see the Moon full but with no light on it.

An idolatrous generations seeks signs but only the sign of Jonah (The many Watchmen) is given to them.

Our timeline may not be the timeline of the Gentiles.  The Rapture was always a mystery in bibles before the desecration of the holy place.

If Israel the people leave in early 2024 the Gentiles could possibly still have several years before their deliverance from the fallen Earth.  We just don’t know for sure.  However Jacob’s troubles are almost complete.  We have already been “worn out” by our purification.  We have travailed and labored to birth this final “child”.  We are the warrior child the voice in the wilderness.  The intercessors of God.

Now that we are worn out we know the prophecy “the generations who see the signs & wonders shall not pass away until ALL OF THESE PROPHECIES ARE FULFILLED”.

That means the good parts of prophecy as well as the difficult trials of Jacob’s troubles all will be seen & fulfilled before we are changed into immortal incorrupt beings.

Yet the fulfillment of our immortality is part of the prophecy which must be fulfilled.

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