If you Love me, Feed My Sheep


Jesus said “If you Love me Feed my sheep”.

What does that mean?  Charities like Bob Barber’s take most of the proceeds and use them for alleged “expenses” by 90% according to tax records.  Having an overseas charity it the way to make the profits.  If it’s a charity to help those right here in this country it’s harder to label all the money “expenses”.

Not to mention..we have plenty of poverty right here in the U.S. why don’t they help their own people?  Again there isn’t enough money in helping your own people.

The best way to give is one on one charity right here in the U.S.  Give to a real person.   If someone is on the street asking for money it means they need money.  Give to someone who isn’t making up stories and showing a bunch of picture shows to tug on the heart strings of the unsuspecting.  Good people do not suspect others of evil until its commited on them.  Or unless God reveals the beast to them in whatever arena that may be.

There comes a time in every person’s walk when the angel comes down to them in the form of a beggar.  What will you do?  How much longer will people be able to beg when nobody is carrying money on them anymore?  Cash is still in use but many people don’t bother having cash on hand when every store is pay by card.

Then we can give the beggars food & water, clothing, and a warm bed if we have such resources.

Jesus advised that if we don’t give from time to time our Father in Heaven takes note of this.

“Give and it shall be given unto you”.  Even if we give so God will give to us its still charity.  Furthermore giving because we believe and feel that its the right thing to do at the time is to follow one’s own heart.

Shutting down our heart toward others is a bad idea.  I know a man who never gives to charity but he is kind to those he likes.

Jesus said it’s easy to Love those who Love you but Loving the unlovable is charity of God’s Spirit.

Meaning to give when nothing is in it for us except to follow our heart.

People tell us “get out of your own head”.  What they should really be saying is learn how to tame thoughts by clearing the wreckage of the heart.

By clearing emotional wreckage of past, and future we tame the present mind.  What do we clear so as to have a clear mind?

If the Man Says He Has No Fear The Truth is Not In Him

All guilt, shame, regret of the past write it down, confess it, scream and cry etc and examine the character flaw patterns which cause our wrong behaviors.  Clear all fear of the future by processing it and facing it,   Most fear is based in the three “S’s”.  Sex, Society, & Security and fear of the loss thereof.


Preachers stand up all day long saying “fear not, fear not, fear not” and yet not once will they tell you how to overcome fear.  And how to process on going fear in an emotionally healthy way.  But I learned how in a 12 step program.

Fear is part of the human condition and should be embraced head on then processed.  Example- “I fear they won’t like me”.  This fear is based in low self worth (programming) and the lie that I am not good enough.

I am a child of God and God doesn’t make junk.  There is only one way to overcome these types of fears that I know of.  By meditation on the good that we do each day.  We tell ourselves “I fed my children, I gave love to a husband, I encouraged another, I told the truth, I did not lie, I took care of my own needs.  Every little thing we do we go over day by day in meditation.  And in time if we do the rest of the clearing of wreckage we will gain the self worth that is ours in Truth.

As for the present day we say “I am okay right now I have everything I need.”  Thanks to God Almighty that is!

Working the 12 steps of AA is something every person who seeks enlightenment should do diligently.  But most people don’t go nearly deep with the steps. Most people in AA say they worked the steps yet they are so ashamed of fear they never touch on it.  They cannot access their own hearts.


They cannot face their own heart and learn their inner child the Holy Grail.  Birthing the inner child is something that takes years of prayer to attain (in my experience).  Finding the Holy Grail is a lifetime quest of seeking God by Truth,  We find ourselves by implicating the supernatural gifts of Love, Faith, Hope.  Prayer and meditation is vital to find Truth.

Putting on the full armor of God is done by Faith.  It is a work of Faith.

Start by asking God for the right things.  “Ask largely of The Lord.”  Ask to know His Truth.  Ask for Love, Faith, Hope, Patience, Wisdom in Him, Fulfillment, and purpose.  Ask for revelation of His mysteries.  Ask Him to cleanse your heart and create in you the heart of Goodness and purity.  Ask for clarity and The Holy Spirit of God Almighty.  “He who the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Ask for a giving heart with the resources to give what is needed unto His sheep.

Ask and it shall be given unto you.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened.

However I fear it’s far too late in the game to start seeking the Holy Grail.  Yet God makes a way where there seems to be no way.  When can seek God as long as we have breath.

In less than six months Jesus will return for His chosen.   There may be a seven year tribulation for the Gentiles yet to come.  But sometime before 2030 He will return as the firey Sun of God and who will be able to stand?

The walk with God must begin with some raw heartfelt truthful prayers toward God of what is in the hearts of the prayer.  The 12 steps guide the person to turn their will and their life over to the care of a God of their understanding.  Praying for the knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.  This is a good prayer.




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