“I Want the Truth! You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

Once Saved Always Saved And Works of Faith

Disclaimer-this is not the viewpoint of the Watchmen of YT.  It’s written by the seer Jazweeh.

Instead of Great Truth some need stories of lies by prophecy interpretations straight from Hell.   Stories that their minds are long accustomed to & they do not fully consider by holding it up to the belt of Truth.   Prophecy interpretations like a Jewish temple of Legion/Religion that’s proclaimed as a coming sacred & holy place of God Almighty.

The Temple Prophecy Lie

Even though the imaginary temple would be built & maintained by unbelievers of Religion/Legion whose ancestors put Jesus to death for God’s words of Truth. Even though the true Holy Sacred places are the body (Holy Spirit) & the books God set down (His Sacred) words in.  Holy places x2 for real.  A place must actually BE HOLY to then be desecrated.

The Many Prefer the Lies

So their emotional condition doesn’t spin out of whack they embrace lies.  These cannot consider new Truth.  You see, the Children of Earth were never taught emotional coping skills because the beast employed and programmed its favorite coping skill in them called ‘denial’.  The lie.

The lie protects the many from stark shock and sudden upset.  It’s not their fault really.  The many just never became the clay in God’s hands.  Such a process that enables the man to endure sudden and surprising Truth that was never before perceived or heard by any.   Truth that the preacher do not teach.

Coming Home

The many wait for the magic lamp of the genie to make them perfectly immortal with no work needed.  Let Jesus do all the work they proclaim.  We ride on His coat tails in every way.  No struggles, no hard lessons of Faith.

None of that “these works that I do ye shall do and greater yet shall ye do because I shall send you my Holy Spirit with Supernatural Gifts.

Instead they turn Pentecost into a feast.  Ya a treat of gluttony because gifts of God come with a lifetime of works in The Spirit.

They have not worked to become the spiritual man by creation of mankind part two.  The spiritual carving of mankind.  God would have made them in His Image had they allowed the work to commence.  Now, instead they gather unto Legion and make proud proclamations from a desecrated Bible that Jesus left quite some time ago to the wolf.

These believers will sleep for it 1,000 years if they truly know Jesus.  They do not give a testimony of knowing Jesus.  What they give is biblical reference & the new gospel with the new Jesus.

Instead of works of Faith they proclaim “Grace & Blood, Grace & Blood, even faith in blood”.  Instead of Faith in God.

Faith in God to become the clay in His hands requires ongoing works of Faith.  Oh sure the true children of God need Grace just as those who do not grow need Grace.  Maybe even more so due to the Prodigal walk.  They too had long periods of both sin and rest.   But by allowing Jesus into their lives will they overcame the battle of flesh/Spirit.  Hence they are overcomers.

For by Grace comes forgiveness.  Salvation is Hope & Armor/The Helmet.  Great works of Faith require a lifetime walk with God.

However we mustn’t judge the O.S.A.S growd harshly.  All have choices to make and all have free will.  It is God’s to maintain free will at any cost.  It is man’s to hand free will back to God by courage with great consideration of consequences.  To pray for God’s will in our own lives knowing that there’s no telling what comes next.

I boast that Jesus’ will is far better for me than my own.

Beast holds the Locust Creed which was released from the pit to infest the many.  Face & Hair.

The wing of abomination perches in the hair.  While Locust consummates to the faces of mankind.  If they have the mark of the beast –forehead.  Fear not.  The Locust is a painless vail of comfortable lies.

Some realized that free will was their worst enemy.   Does Jacob resent the Gentile bride for their sloth & deception?  Perhaps, perhaps.  But if Jacob resents the gentiles he knows it and shows it to God in Truth.  That is the difference between the man who knows his heart and the one who is deceived by the Locust creed and can no longer hear the words of his own heart.

Still if they believe, Locust of no Locust they shall be saved.  That is the promise of the Hope of Salvation open to all of mankind so rejoice.  And Jacob waits for the day when his own heart (not just his actions of respect by do unto others as he would have them do unto him) shall Love the Gentiles according to God’s will.  We think.

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