How To Expel Common Demonic Annoyances Yourself


Hi you won’t get this info elsewhere.  Usually people do not care to listen to the Holy Spirit for directions and explanations to spiritual matters.   We are taught that the spirit world doesn’t exist.  And that if you are tapped into that realm of spirit you are insane or whackadoodle.  Also Legion/religion’s main purpose is to steer you away from “Spiritual Power”.  The Beast system wants you dependents upon it in every way.  Education is to dumb us all down.  Lies from hell are what they teach in schools & churches.

“Your enemy the serpent slithers through the Earth search to devour goodness in humans.”   “Evil came to steal, kill, and to destroy you”.

Demon Gluttony (previously called Demunds or demands).

YES HELL YES it sucks to see that we have an enemy whom we must overcome.  An enemy to fight.  It takes energy.  We would all do well to run to the nearest Spirit filled church (Pentecostal or pray where lead to) and run to the alter call for prayer by the laying on of hands.  This powerful transference of the Holy Spirit by prayer from others who have His Spirit involves speaking utterances of tongues.  Utterances are Higher Language in Jesus Name The Holy Spirit does come.  IF you invite Him.  As my teacher taught me, “The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and won’t invade like demons do.”

What are the purposes of demons?  Steal your good tidings and glad joy.  And to cause you to make the choice of sin.  Also to tear down your body and mind if possible.

“Greater is the Divine Presence of God Almighty in me than the Dark Lord of this realm.”

All people are born with The Divine Presence of God Almighty The Spirit of Life.  However the mark of the beast works to remove the Divine Presence from all of mankind.  Therefore stealing your good conscience.  The conscience is the restrainer of evil on a soul level.

Who is the other “restrainer” of the Beast System.  The Restrainer prophesied to be removed in end of days written in Bibles?  That is the “Harlot” she sold out to mammon.  The Harlot “The Red Hats” once had the purpose to assure that mankind is not subject to mass crimes against humanity.  They were the lesser of two evils and powerful enough to restrain the beast for many many years.  The Harlot was most likely a sect of the Catholic Church.  Not to be confused with Legion/Religion whom Jesus rebuked as the worst of demons. Legion is devised to obscure Truth and lie like Hell.  Keeping the religious masses blind under spells and deaf to the warnings of God.

Shock the Monkey!


Shock the demons of – Lust, Gluttony, Sloth.  These three dark entities can be easily SHOCKED from the human body.

“Resist the evil and it shall run like hell!”   (resist the devil and it shall flee).

Replace something good in it’s place.  Let’s start with Sloth.  In my experience Sloth hates cold water.  It shocks the body, yes.  So what I did after years of sloth and addiction was to use the water hose of cold water every day I shocked my body with cold water from the hose.  It must shock.  Also this won’t leave over night.  Sloth will not leave after 10 times of shocking the body with cold water.

They fear the name of Jesus because He has power over them. By Mighty God.

It takes a bunch of times over and over and over to out weather the Sloth Demon.  I recommend doing this cold water treatment of shock every morning (with prayer to God asking for His help in Jesus Name) for a month.  Then the second month do it say…every other morning or every three mornings.  Pray and ask for God’s guidance.

Make no mistake friends, Sloth HATES COLD WATER SHOCK.  It will leave in Jesus name.  During the act of cold water shock be sure to thank God & thank Jesus asking for His help.


Why would anybody want to expel these three demons?  Sloth kills the person under its’ spell.  It creates laziness and gluttony.  Causing filth and fat obesity.  The filth demons are absolutely disgusting to come into contact with.  They draw pestilence of roaches and vile creatures created for them maybe even by them.  It’s very vile.  Lust is vulgar and it puts its human under the spell of neediness.  Lust puts the free man in a state of slavery to certain types of sex.  And codependency which causes the man or woman to cross moral boundaries to get what they crave.  Crossing moral boundaries then invites more types of dark spirits .  All the demons are about spiritual bondage.  And eventually death.

To get rid of the lust demon it takes perhaps six months to a year of celibacy.  This includes restraint from self sex.   When this demon comes out you will know it.  You can feel it squirming.  Your starving it.  Your strength in God out lasts the dark entity in you and it squirms out.   When the lust demon left me I was in my car after a long time of abstaining from sex.  The squirming feeling reminded me of a movie I once saw called “Black Snake Moan”.  The girl in the movie squirmed on the floor.  Anyway this one is fairly easy to starve out if you ask God for help with abstaining.

I recently got spiritual intel that teeth problems can be solved by COLD water shock as well.  I have not finished the process yet but I will swish cold tap water five times daily.  It’s painful but only temporarily.  Sounds a little brutal but I already know that these common but not minor demons get ousted in this way.  Shock.  Cold water shock.  You do not need ice cold.  Just common cold water from hose or tap.  If it doesn’t shock the body it’s not cold enough and won’t work.

Addiction demons require prayer from a deliverance preacher to expel.  Even when an addiction demon is hovering over your head speaking speaking obsessive thoughts they can be removed.  I once saw the demon which accompanied Methadone sloth.  It looked like a comforting blanket shaped into a human woman.  A woman made out of a blanket.  This was one of the first visions I ever saw.

Good Hunting.

The name of Jesus is what they hate.  Use the power of Jesus name as often as possible.



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