Doctrines of Demons & The Strong Delusion


Israel Needs the Watchmen on The Wall.  We need the Gentiles.

Why?  Because they are our only emotional validation coming from human beings of end of days.  They are our sign of Jonah.  And they do teach us alot.

  It was God Almighty who delivered us by the hand of the Gentiles. (laying on of hands/prayer)

We are healed by the hands of the Gentile preachers.  God set it up so we appreciate the Gentiles.  And we must accept you as also being saved by Faith just like us.  Without the Gentile preachers Israel would not have survived this Earth experience.  And yes we all really died once.  Hence the second death reference.

We hope that finally we can teach the Gentiles something important.

If your a Christian and a Watchman who is proclaiming the end of days you very likely call yourself a “servant of God.”  Right?  Here in lies a touchy subject.

Israel are the children of God.  Gentiles are the servants of God.

“Israel (The Children of God) saw that their Savior does tarry in His return so they began to beat the servants and drink with the drunkards”.

What the hell does that mean?  After all who has servants these days anyway?  Gentiles are serving Israel, on Youtube.  And also Gentiles served Israel by prayer in the churches when we were delivered of demons, healed, and received the Holy Spirit of Truth.

Israel Sees What Gentiles Do Not.

The vail of the Gentiles has frustrated me for years on end.  However I am coming to acceptance of it.  We are not used to seeing things that others cannot see or fathom.  But one of the spiritual vails was lifted in 2017 from Israel.  Israel the children of God.

Finally gaining acceptance of the state of the Gentiles (vailed) could mean change is coming.  And maybe the vail shall be lifted from the Gentiles/finally ….or maybe not.

End of Days Sign of Jonah Is the Many Watchmen Warning Nineveh.

Some Gentiles will only get the sign of Jonah throughout the Great Tribulation period.  Which is…..wait for it…..THE WATCHMEN THEMSELVES and the miracle of so many end days watchmen.  Just as Jonah was a watchmen to the Ninevites so too God miraculously poured out His Spirit and in came the end of days Watchmen.  WE THANK THEM!

Jews Are Not “Israel” They Are Legion. (religion/legion)

Doctrines of demons says “bearded men who don’t believe in Jesus and serve religion to boot are Israel.   And the bearded men worship a wall, oppress women ….and are the apple of God’s eye?

And geo location of birth (just move to Jew roo Salem and your in there) is more important than actions toward God and true bloodline heritage.”….really?  In what reality does the Jewish propaganda fairy tale make SENSE.?(Admittedly I am verbally beating the servants again.)


We need to get one thing very clear JOHN!  The biggest mistake of the Gentile Watchmen is that they have no clue who the chosen called Israel really are.

Furthermore it is folly and blind devotion to dogma with broken interpretations of the bible which control the Gentiles doctrines.  Doctrines of demons straight from Hell and in the Bibles.

“His sheep know His voice.”

The books are DESECRATED but Gentiles don’t remember or recall what or how bibles read prior to the desecrations of the holy books.   And even their dialect just six years hence.  SUPERNATURAL BIBLE CHANGED BIG TIME!  (Desecration of one of the holy places)


“But the wise will understand”.  However by that understanding we stand alone.  And we are tempted deeply tempted to “beat the servants” verbally because of their vail.

God has removed the vail from Israel but not yet from the Gentiles.  However that may soon change.  Yes this means that script is inverted.

“Blindness has come to Israel for a time until the time of the Gentiles is full”

Yes we were also blind.  But that ended.  Which means the time of the Gentiles is full.  The harvest is here.

Sure run to your books and say “but it’s Israel who are blind in the end of days”.  Well you see we don’t go by the book.  Though there were MANY deep and spiritual Truths in it when we studied it in depth.

Israel doesn’t rely on bibles to see God’s miracles.  THE BIBLE IS NOT OUR “ULTIMATE AUTHORITY” as the Gents proclaim it to be.

Nor do we find our prophecy on the Image of the Beast TV.  They call it a beast and you still can’t look.  Why?

Same reason we didn’t see it for years.  Mama set us in front of the TV as babies.  And we fell in love with the cartoon characters.  Your heart betrays you Gentile.  And the TV betrayed us.  We had to address who and why we are if we were going to understand our patterns of shortcomings.

The day the the bibles being Holy is over.  They are covered by sorcery and the strong delusion of deception.

Israel learns at the feet of Jesus.  And The Lion has left the bibles (all of them) to the Dark Lord (sorry you can’t see or remember nor do you know His voice). 

Magically the wolf now lies with the lambs.  And they embrace it.

Israel learns by The Holy Spirit.  We watch what we see in the Spirit and in this reality.  Israel is removed from the strong delusion & towers of babble by The Grace of God Almighty.  

The Locust came to commune & consummate with us in the night and we rent it limb from limb.


We are the true children of God who worship God in Spirit. We go before the throne.  We have walked the prodigal walk and we were dead and resurrected from death.  The Witnesses have already helped us greatly.  Healed us.  There are many more than “two witnesses”.  Many.

We experienced death somewhat like our Savior and now Brother Jesus.  We know Jesus.  We have walked the walk of Jesus step by step.  In death we too went to the grave and brought out the self condemned.  We were too under the sword.  We love not our life on this Earth.  John Israel has come out of GREAT TRIBULATION.  We have been through HELL! The fire of temperance.  We see the towers of babble and know what they do.  We watch the languages decompose.  We know the Dark Lord who is in the will of God by His great anointing and power.

We worship in Spirit John.  I apologize but you cannot know what that means….YET.  I hope I am not beating you up too bad here.  We are not better than Gentiles persay.  But very different from them.  Gentiles call us “Satan” because they do not realize that evil is as evil does.

We are very different from Gentiles.  Scottie Clark was right after all.  Many parts of the bible are just not for the Gentiles.  At least NOT YET.

To be sure John, the dividing of time has alot to do with our two realities being contrary to one another.  The “two times” are here.


Testimony.  It is the testimony that’s the tell.  When Gentiles give their testimony what you will hear is basically a copy paste of bible scripture with numbers and verses (most often).  Some of them parrot what they have heard by testimonies of Israel but it’s very short and not as heart felt.

We see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of the many.  It’s here.

Make no mistake many shall come in Jesus name claiming to be of Him.  Many will call themselves “Christians” due to religious beliefs and intellectual prompts of behavioral mind control.”  Quite often its their own heart which is deceived first even before they deceive the listeners.

When Israel gives a testimony it tells a story of being in Hell.  And how Jesus Himself by the will of God The Father brought them out of Hell on Earth.  And now that the end of days is here.  We are living the truth of the bibles by prophecy.  We see the miracles….the prophecies that are supernatural.

We know what the image of the beast is for one good reason…we know our own hearts thanks to God Almighty and learning at the feet of Jesus.  And yes we know what the mark of the beast is.  Both of them.  Forehead and right arm.  Yes arm.  Sorry but it’s NOT THE “MARK OF THE ANGELIC” is it John?

EVIL will not give humans an upgrade to be part Angelic.  Are you kidding me?  Come on John…Angels don’t have DNA.  Beasts do however have DNA.  Don’t they?  “Mark of the Angel”?   “Mark of the Beast”.  Chimpanzee is the beast of choice for the evil mad scientists.  I know what’s in the mark.  Do you?  Three years of study showed me.  Looking into the face of the beast is not easy.  And if you do you would never be the same after.  No human would.

Yet God showed us the beast up close first hand.  It is diabolical.  Therein is why your vailed.  Allowed to be vailed.  Not vailed by God but God allows it.

Israel Was Deep In Sin Most Likely Deeper than Gentiles

If you don’t repent of the right arm thing I promise you will regret it.  Find your heart John.  Face it.  Do you think Israel is perfect?  Ha!  We most likely went far deeper into sin than Gentiles did.  Far deeper.  Yet we knew God the whole time.  The whole trip we knew our Father.  And had the mad men obtained *C.P.P.s at the time of our fallen debauchery we too would have taken it.   code* sale (penetrating) pep tides.   John!  It’s only by God’s Grace that we did not perish and did not make the mistake of taking it.  Hey, maybe I am wrong and you refused it.

But what’s harder?  To lie to one’s self to make you feel okay.  Or to repent and admit a mistake.  Or hell just write your own doctrine….O.S.A.S.

“It’s not the mark, it’s not the mark”.  The most stated sentence on YT of 2022-2023 was “Its not the mark, its not the mark”.  There is a reason for that.


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