Depart from Me Ye Workers of Iniquity-I Never Knew You.___Jesus

Why Would Jesus or God Call A Child “Daughter” or “Son”?

Written by Sal Vay Shaun 

The “thus sayeth The Lord” watchmen on youtube…mainly the women, when (allegedly) quoting God say this.  “My daughter, ye shall be on this day this or that and so on and so forth”.  Why would an All Knowing God, Creator of The Heavens and The Earth call His children, His creation who He knows first hand, a generic name like “my daughter” or “my son”???

My first inclination was this, He would not.  He calls me by my name why wouldn’t He also call these prophets and prophetesses & watchmen on the wall by their own names?  Or even give them a new name as used to be common place in the bible before the many changes occurred.

Then I realized, for God to know me I had to show Him my whole heart.  All of it.  The good and the bad, the shame and the pride, the nice and the mean and vile with vulgar, all of it.  That’s how God fixes me.  I show Him the mess I have made and He cleanses me from all unrighteousness and calls me by my name.

If He doesn’t know them He calls them by a generic name like “my daughter” or “my son, whom I do not know because you have not shown me your heart so I will then cleanse it from dross.  Right?

You will know them by their works.  You will also know them by the locust perched on their heads.  You shall see the mark of the beast protruding from their faces.  And ye shall see clearly the beast mark on their foreheads.

Those who have the seal of God are being shown who they are and the seal.  But those who sport the mark of the beast on their foreheads cannot see it.  It is a spiritual mark.  They have chosen the lies and prefer them.  They are comfortable in their state of delusion.  The strong delusion is their peace.  While those who God has lifted the vail off of must find peace in Jesus.  Because they see the beast in full light and see the harm done by the beast, they are perplexed.  This is Jacob’s trouble.  To see the beast in full light and to watch the strong delusion stir and mix the many who are under it.

We cannot open their eyes because the strong delusion is their favored choice of which they prefer.

For this reason, for the elects sake God is shortening the days.  He is making time pass very quickly while we watch the strong delusion, the locust, the desecration of the holy place, the desecration and desolation of the knowledge of good and evil leaving the minds and eyes of the many.  They no longer recognize evil in the Bible.  They do not see the beast in its full light.  Their minds are vailed.

Is the locust a good thing?  The locust is the vail that feeds lies to the minds of the many.  Can they still be saved if they prefer the lie? I think so but they must at some point make the right choice to get real with God and expose their full heart to Him.

The elect had a horrible walk as the prodigal son. They know sin very well and have turned from it.  How?  “Turn me oh Father, and I shall be turned”.  It’s a process.  For them salvation is a life long process of enlightenment, cleansing, deliverance, healing, prayer, more deliverance, more healing, and finally the warrior child is born.  Finally the travail and burdens for souls is finished.

Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort thee.  The elect know Grace even moreso than the many who have not spent years in suffering & bondage to sin.

Who who sinneth much Loveth much.

Jesus will save many who have not spent years in the process of sanctification. We must not covet anything including God.  Jesus Loves us all.  If the elect show covetousness it is toward God.  They want Him to themselves but are aware of their sin and do repent.

Turn me oh Father and I shall be turned.  They cry.





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