Deceptive Signs and Wonders

Deceptive Signs And Wonders

In 2024 the bibles will be completely desolate of God’s Sacred Truth. It’s very likely at that time God will remove His Holy Spirit from Earth. We are fairly certain that only those with His Holy Spirit see the desecration of all bibles and have God’s seal. They are not under the Locust creed infestation. But not all who see some bible changes have the Holy Spirit. What?

How so? Not all the changes are deceptive signs and wonders. Some of them are just “signs and wonders” harmless changes. The harmless changes are called Mandela Effects. You don’t need the Gift of The Holy Spirit of God to see Mandela effects.   Still ALL of mankind were originally blessed with the Divine Presence of God.

We cannot automatically assume someone is chosen few because they see some of the bible changes. Signs and wonders are here for all people to see if they choose to look.  It is the gathering time.

Example-The narrator talking about the bible changes in video doesn’t recognize he just quoted a desecrated scripture.  What the hell are “Boreans” I tell you this, its not good.  Come to find out this new “Bereans” word is a language in itself.  I am convinced it has something to do with the tower of babel and it’s a clue.  Along with the word being a mocking toward those who see the changes.

The blasphemous changes are deceptive and those are the ones hidden by the strong delusion for a reason. The dark lord is causing the desecration of God’s words. Only the few can see these changes & recognize blasphemy.

Some on YT are being fed by the chosen who naively share the blasphemous changes with them to share. But at least it’s getting out there.

You can tell who the imposter accuser of the breathren is by their critical judgement toward others, & their religious/Legion spirit.   Some spew accusations toward all others who see the changes.  Even toward our friend Truth-shock TV & wakeuporelse who is very kind toward others while sharing the supernatural bible changes.

What of The remaining bibles?

Oh sure there will be some good truth left in the books however, all power scriptures, godly wisdom, & all of the best of the best scriptures are not for the masses anymore. They have rejected God’s words by not saving then in their heart.  And therefore it’s too late for them to have access to His sacred words.

The covenant with many demons was between man and demonic powers for a trade. The demons traded the keys to the cell’s nucleus (coded key) for a deal to use man’s new powerful device to change times and laws. Hence the tower of babble prophecy took shape.

Powerful men promised to change all bibles if they could have the key code to the cells nucleus to remake mankind in the image of the beast.

And so men were turned to beasts and worse. And the bibles are changing rapidly with men’s minds.  Desolation x2 Body, and God’s words.


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