Dark Transfiguration—THE MIXING OF IRON & CLAY

Recipe for Dark Transfiguration.  Making man in the image of the beast.

How to turn a man into 33.3% beast making man in evil’s image.  See more below.    For more Jazweeh websites go to https://jazweeh.com


Mike From Around the World Can you handle the Truth?     Many choose illusions over Truth.

Mike from around the world.  “They cannot handle the Truth!” Says the Dark Knight.  Let them employ spiritual emotional coping skills.  Says Jazweeh Scribe of God.  The belt of Truth shall be their armor.   The armor of the evil one is the lie.

Recipe of Jabba. 



Recipe for Dark Transfiguration

Start with One Quantum computer solving in depth scientific problems at light speed.

A small group of very smart, idiotic, yet brilliant, & quite diabolical scientists of various specialties.

One obvious false prophet an “Oracle of Omaha” bent on eugenics. (Look him up)

One very powerful & very evil, rich, sweet faced, antichrist called The Gates of Hell whom the world has already embraced & put their trust in.  He gave them the remedy you see, do you see?  

1 cup of Molecular Mechanism of DNA Replication

A pinch of Cellular Mitosis

4 Cups of Viral vector (sars) mRNA directives to the cells nucleus and inosine (Inosine the golden key to give directions to cellular rebuild reroutes
aborted infant particular human tissue

3 cups of Cancer fast growing called in code (immortalized cell lines) with its cellular mitoses & mutational ability to recreate with fast replication at the atomic levels.  Nix the necrosis.

5 tsps. of your favorite Animal (beast) Protein dna for mRNA viral vector directives  Chimp is commonly used.

1 tsp. of the steering of Cell Cycle Regulation of DNA Replication & retardation.

Wield The Golden Keys (2) to the cells nucleus (no editing or cut & splice needed unlike CRISPR tech often causing gross mutations)  Move over CRISPR mRNA is here.

Add mass numbers of apparently faithless, unsuspecting victims with grossly displaced trust.  Add one Locust from the pit & one forehead Mark.

Bake for 1-3 years.

Now, Witness Cellular transmutation by genomic alchemy with replication and change in organism unto species transfiguration.

Included is a control arm attachment device which can activate (akin to a herpes activated by stress) in certain now, GMO human cell cycle processes causing at will viral & hair raising illnesses in the masses of willing recipients.

For this party favor, be sure, The Mighty Creator of humanity will step in, finally.  Coming in on two mountains at once Mt. of Olives (Spirit), and Mt. Carmel (Natural).  Using Wormwood/Red-Blue Kachinas’) to end the abomination of His creation and to bring home His chosen few.

“Men shall draw fire unto themselves.”  Jesus’ Return 2024 April 18.

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