Why Are They Really Fighting Over the Dome of the Rock?

For encouragement daily in dark times read my daily meditations book full of one page emotional daily helps.

For encouragement daily in dark times read my daily meditations book full of one page emotional daily helps.
Mysteries revealed by the Seer.

In a sentence?  They are fighting over the Dome that’s built on the Rock of Ages.  Because of the powerful demonic favors once doled out by the demonic presence inside that crystal of Earth.   Under the dome he Onyx once spoke.  The Black Amethyst rose mankind unto power to rule the world.  The Black Saphire brought the men in black hats wishes from the well of souls.   By death offerings from Life sacred and True they gnashed by their own greed while offering their priceless solemn first love in return for heinous favors.  Their first Love cannot ever be returned to them.

Each man will answer for his deeds.  And the heart that’s too far gone is incapable of repentance unless repentance is given as a gift by God Himself.

The Seer can tell you exactly why that tiny piece of property is so valuable.  But you likely won’t believe it unless you believe in the supernatural.  Both supernatural good and evil exist on this Earth in ways few realize.  This is the preface of why they are fighting for the piece of land called Jew ru Salem.  It WAS, the hub of supernatural dark power.

But what they don’t know is the power is squashed crushed is the head of the serpent!  But before it was recently crushed I will reveal the vision of Jazweeh to you of what was there and what remains there.

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When Is the Rapture

The Rapture for the Gentiles by Jazweeh

In the twinkling of the eye the Gentiles will be taken up by God and purified instantly by the Sun of God.  The Son of God and Sun of God shall purify the Gentiles.  Then they will go to sleep for one day that will be a thousand days or years (not sure which).  But to them it will seem like it’s one really good day on this Earth.

“One day with the Lord is as 1,000 years.”

2Pe 3:8
“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

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If you Love me, Feed My Sheep


Jesus said “If you Love me Feed my sheep”.

What does that mean?  Charities like Bob Barber’s take most of the proceeds and use them for alleged “expenses” by 90% according to tax records.  Having an overseas charity it the way to make the profits.  If it’s a charity to help those right here in this country it’s harder to label all the money “expenses”.

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Religion & Christians are Veiled to Supernatural End of Days Events


Scroll past the Guest link article about KJVB at abominationdesolation.com

Jazweeh’s 2018 Farewell to KJVB Literary Masterpiece


The Glorious new SUN & SON OF GOD (Jesus) will saturate the children of Earth.  His Eternal Glory will shine forth on the New Earth.  Who shall be able to stand?  The puzzle pieces are complete of the New Age and what it entails.

I got the information last night.  I woke up this morning with a deep sadness of the seeds fruit trees, vegetables, land, and water, stolen from the children of Earth by the serpent creed from HELL.

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The Frustration & Miracles of the Dividing of Time


They did not love God’s Truth or hold it in their hearts.  And so now they remember that which was not. And they see that which is not.  They now know lies and blasphemy as if it were some holy Truth.

Quite disturbing to watch for seven years on end.  As we scream at the image of the beast… “why can’t they REMEMBER!” Yet we know why they have forgotten, forgotten.  The diamonds forgot the diamond forgot trample and trott the diamonds forgot.  Perhaps they were never really diamonds.

While the Christians on Youtube bask in their ‘same as’ reality….seeing none of the miraculous signs and wonders…Israel the people are in ‘an inconvenient reality’ to say the least.  We pray Jacob’s troubles are finally over.  Therefore dealing with our dividing of time/two times pesky new reality is not so troublesome compared to Jacob’s troubles.

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Its 9-11 the Big Day for the Gentile Watchmen


Watchman for that Great Day - YouTube

John John John watchman for that great day.   You hang in there!  The True Israel the children of God Almighty depend on the Gentiles and others like you for encouragement & prayers.  We see the miraculous signs that you don’t yet see due to the Gentile veil.  But nevertheless we also experience doubt and fear.  After all that is the human condition of the flesh.

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