Bob Barber & John C. Boutcher Watchman. Where Have They Gone Wrong?


They missed the image of the beast, the false prophet, the antichrist, the Sun problem, and many more in our face miracles happening on Earth now.

We theorize that Bob may be a modern day prophet.  However that doesn’t make him one of the chosen few (Israel).  When I write “Israel” I do not mean the political entity.   Israel is likely corrupt in all it’s ways just as any other country falls to the dollar.  Just as the Harlot fell to the Beast’s power so too have those in positions of authority betrayed their loyalty to the people.  If they ever were loyal to anyone but themselves.

If the truly elite & powerful cannot control those political poser’s of authority they will end them or their children.  As for the clown show on TV called the evening news…its fiction.

Dear Bob & John all TV NEWS IS FICTION except the things they cast, cast, cast on the news cast to promote fear.  Some stories are true in certain cases.  Bob & John say “its theatre” however in the next breath they show that they believe everything the Image of the Beast TV makes on picture show story time.  The Image of the Beast is so obvious (phone & TV) we are dismayed that Bob & John are waiting still for a talking statue to show up.  Are they truly that naive?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps since we know human nature…denial is their blindness and cognitive dissonance is their plight.  (NOT FLIGHT).

“But the preacher said there would be a talking statue when we were little tykes sitting in church!”

No Bob, no talking statue.  And you missed the antichrist and false prophet all together.  And you cannot admit what is the mark of the beast either.

“Gates of Hell shall not prevail against my children”.  Bill Gates put out the mark.  He also likely has created (not him by himself but those he represents) an operating system for the new GMO humans at large.

We suppose John and Bob didn’t do their science work to find out WHAT’S REALLY IN THE BACK SCENE’S.  We did our homework for three years on end learning new words surrounding recombinating Dee Anne A.  The proof is on and  Search “genome” on the sites.

When you desecrate a human with BEAST proteins (chimp, rat, pig) that are set to replicate by hyper-mutation-mitosis.  And you fill them up with can sir sale lines that are activated by other living sales…and pump in enough PEG to cause chronic inflammation the catalyst of most disease. That’s called three strikes your out.  If you don’t die of heart fail or can sir within three to four years you will express beast gee nome by rapid replication.  Thanks to the can sir sale lines.  OWN IT!

If God doesn’t pull His chosen few out of this mess….we will die from what is on high.

“And in those days men shall fear what is on high”.  If the sun did go dim they are now using (likely) fresnel lenses and mirrors to intensify it by leaps and bounds.  The Earth is burning.  Seems when they saved the world by magnifying the dimmed sun they were unable to find a healthy balance.  Or they are burning Earth on purpose.  Trees are igniting internally all around the U.S. (first hand info).    All those new shows on Netflix about the Sun burning Earth are in line with prophecy.

Who’s the false prophet?  Well the bible used to read that the false prophet is the one who puts the antichrist into power.  Who puts Gates of Hell in power?  Gate’s mom is named “Mary” coincidentally.

War on Buffet!  That’s right!  The richest gangster in the world gave Gates all his money.  And HE PROPHESIES that is what false prophets do by the way.  THEY PREDICT THINGS by inside information.  Insider trading.  Buffet has been predicting financial outcomes for years on end.  HE IS A FALSE PROPHET all over the internet.

Wake up boys and smell the Truth.  Add some common sense to your thinking.

The Locust in the hand of Apollyon.  Parasite.  Invisible to men.  Consummates to the face.  Attaches to the forehead mark.  Lies to men.  False history, false memories.

THE BAD NEWS Strong Delusion

Most Christians are fast under the strong delusion.  And it ain’t no simple lies.  IT IS A DELUSION/ILLUSION.  Like when you see something before you that doesn’t exist.  Amos 8:11&12 has come to roost and Christians are blind to all aspects of the desecration of God’s words.  They are embracing the words of the wicked one who calls itself God in the once sacred book. (the 2nd temple)  First temple being THE BODY OF BELIEVERS.  THAT is where God’s sacred Spirit was and the books were where His sacred words were written.  Both desecrated while Bob & John (blind to it) sit waiting to call the temple of antichrist in Israel a sacred & holy building? Really?  That’s what is truly sacred to be desecrated?  COME ON BOYS!

If they used webster’s and started reading their bibles word for word with a dictionary by Truth and quit whitewashing the ridiculous, and erroneous, blasphemous “dark sentences” they might just see the abomination of desolation.  They might recognize the book now calling itself by Jesus’ holy name.  Hence the bible now calls itself God.  As prophesied.

What John?  Is your bible God?  Don’t be a serpent on the staff worshipper.  His sheep know His voice.  The voice of the Good Shepard.  And that book ain’t it.  The god in the bible now is a hater of his own children.  And a twisted deceiver.  Its now written that God is an oppressor, and my God the entire book is wrecked.  All of them, magically rewritten.  I can write this Truth 100,000 times and they will never see it.  They know not good from evil or lies from Truth.  They see not the blasphemy.  They remember not Old English or the sacred and holy poetic respectable dialect God set down in the books.  Gone gone gone.  The inspired by God literary masterpiece is GONE baby GONE.

Your bible is pitiful.  The writer of this article once put way too much value on the words in the book.  Pretty sure that even prior to 2006 when the changes were just getting started it was never 100% truth.  Lamb & Lion was changed before 2006 as were many other scriptures.  It has increased as birth pains.

Why are most Gentiles under the strong delusion?  Are they really all headed for destruction?   I doubt it.   2nd Thessalonians 2:9 (blasphemy) now reads that evil itself has “all power”.    Still the Christians can’t see the blasphemy in the words.  They never loved His words.  They never knew Him apparently.

However we are pretty sure the Gentiles will have 7 years of trouble to finally seek God in Truth.  And to learn His voice and learn who He is.

Israel’s 7 years of trouble is about done.

And the Gentiles proclaim “nothing bad can happen until we are gone!”  Well maybe they are right.  Time will tell.  But when Israel leaves the patterns show us that no one will know it.  There won’t be a Hollywood moment of rapture when the many disappear suddenly leaving cars on the road etc.  No Father is doing everything by stealth.  The gentiles see very little of the surrounding miracles of prophecy fulfillment.  Perhaps God is about to open their eyes once the next seven years starts.  Bob we think your timeline is correct for the Gentiles.  It makes sense that Israel will be raptured because they are not in need of the gift of desperation.  They already had their great tribulation, Jacob’s troubles, the born again experience (resulting in moral changes), and later they were filled with the Holy Spirit & gifts during a great touch from God.  The Holy Spirit came with evidence..

New Jesus- Blood & grace.

New Gospel- Blood & grace.

True Gospel-The testimony of those who know Jesus and are delivered and healed by Him.  Jesus died to take the keys to death and hell so we too could overcome death & the grave.  And bring some out of the purgatory of self condemnation.  Jesus now.  The deliverer from oppression.  He is Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, King of Kings.  The Rescuer.  He can deliver humans from any evil.  He is God’s Son.

However, once a man throws his crown on the floor and becomes part beast.  We don’t know what Jesus or God will do.  He came for the children of God.  To bring God’s Truth in words.   Believers were warned like no other warning ever to not take that shot.  God makes a Way where there seems no way.

They overcame by the word of their testimony of Jesus working in their lives. The sacred pearl of Eternal Faith in God in the clay pot.  To grow or to let fade.

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