Sister Gigi “21-0 (Zero) America”. & Dream J201 Prediction of Disaster

Bridge Called I210.  A 8,500 feet long, and 140 feet high bridge across water in Lake Charles Louisiana. The Israel LaFleur Bridge will collapse very soon.
This prediction is from Jazweeh the seer who dreamed the same numbers as Sister Gigi on youtube.    At

Sister Gigi who whom was a guest on watchman for that great day had a vision or heard a voice of the words “21 zero america”.  Last night Jazweeh had a dream of an envelope that had secret & sacred letters and numbers written on it.

Sister Gigi.

And with that key (the numbers on the envelope) any scripture which I quoted of God’s True Words would come to pass immediately.  The best I could remember when waking up was either 6201 or J or G 201.  I realized the numbers have the 21 & zero.  The J and the G could both mean Gigi.  So I began my search to figure out what her and my vision means.

I searched the numbers online.   I did a meditation in Jesus and got the information that the letters represent a bridge in America.    In my meditation I saw the bridge collapsing.  Not only that bridge but more bridges would be failing as God ends all mechanical devices on Earth preparing for the New Earth.

Coincidentally the bridge builder or designer’s name was “Israel LaFleur”. The Israel LaFleur bridge.

Bridge in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
The Israel LaFleur Bridge is a concrete pillar vehicular bridge located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The bridge was built in 1962 as part of Interstate 210. It is named after Israel LaFleur, who spearheaded the project to build it. The bridge is about 8,500 feet long, and 140 feet high. Wikipedia
Address: Westlake, LA 70669
Location: Lake Charles
Opened: 1962

Jazweeh’s prediction is that the Bridge will collapse very soon.  But also this may mean our escape is at hand finally.   Rapture.  “Pray that ye escape the treacherous time of the Great Tribulation”.

Also the part about instant scripture fulfillment when quoted, like a magic wand.  More will be revealed on that.  Because of a vision I had years ago where I got instant results from quoting God’s sacred words.

(His words not todays bible that is, on the most part, desecrated &the changes are hidden under the strong delusion).

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