Its 9-11 the Big Day for the Gentile Watchmen


Watchman for that Great Day - YouTube

John John John watchman for that great day.   You hang in there!  The True Israel the children of God Almighty depend on the Gentiles and others like you for encouragement & prayers.  We see the miraculous signs that you don’t yet see due to the Gentile veil.  But nevertheless we also experience doubt and fear.  After all that is the human condition of the flesh.

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Mysteries of God and the End of the Age of Darkness

Apocalypse Now.

What is going on with the end of days?  How will it all play out?  The bible prophecies are both Truthful and skewed.  The bibles were always coded for good reason.  It was not for us or for the dark side to know God’s precise plans.  Many great truths were written in the books but now the bibles fade to darkness.  New Bibles shall be written as the old earth must now burn.

The towers of Babble commenced to do their damage to most people on Earth.  And so by dialect and language the people are now even more deceived than they were.  They are bound by the words they read and believe in.  They enjoy the lies.  While the unbelievers have no concern with eternity or salvation.  Their Hope lies in the material realm.


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Whoops! The Fig Tree Beats the Servants

A Confession by The Fig Tree.

Weeping and Gnashing What Does the Prophecy Mean?

When God showed me that I am His child (Israel the people) false pride set in. And also a frustration as I looked at Christians around me.  God showed me more and more miracles.   “WHY oh why can’t these Christians see the miracles at hand!!!!?????”  I groveled in frustration of their blindness by the veil.

I was utterly frustrated.  I beat them up in my heart over and over and over…  Granted most of my frustration was due to a lack of validation which I craved by my insecurities.  Programming of low self worth can be rerouted.  But insecurity still rears it’s emotional head on occasion.

If the Youtube Watchmen on the wall would see the miracles in front of them…then all my hopes for end of days fulfillments would be verified! Thing is my validation and verification of Truth comes in better ways.  And codependency is difficult to unlearn.

Mathew 24:48
“But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delays his coming;

Mathew 24:49
And shall begin to smite his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;

Mathew 24:50
The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looks not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of

Mathew 24:51
And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Well the scripture is somewhat skewed but basically the same message.  I crossed out the “cut asunder” because its a vile change to script.  And it was never “fellow servants” was it?  Of course not.  It’s the master beating the servants not “fellow servant’s beating other servant’s”.  Most of the
Truth will soon be lost in these many changes to script.

I wanted them to see so I could get verification.  I deleted five hundred comments because in my heart I felt the comments were somewhat mean even though true.

THE SERVANTS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO SEE!  It’s not their fault.  They are servants not children of The Most High God.  God’]s children must show mercy to the servants.  The Gentiles.  In their ignorance.
We must show that we are merciful and kind, loving, and show respect of the knowledge that they just cannot see what we see.

We the children of God are learning at the feet of Jesus.  Hard lessons which require The Holy Spirit’s input unto us.  Father wants us to understand that things are different now.  We are moving into the immortal realm.  If we are not teachable then we are in trouble.  The lesson the 1/2 blind Gentiles is that we show them kindness in their times of ignorance.  Instead of throwing in their face their shortcomings.

We have our own shortcomings to work on here.  To grow in humility and in Love I will no longer beat up the servant because I want validation of my Truth.  The Gentiles are incapable of seeing what The Children of God see.

Perhaps now the weeping and gnashing of the jaw will end.  (It’s not as bad as it sounds).

I do not want to be thrown into outer darkness again because I was unable to show kindness to those who are in a different station than I.  The beast does that.

Did I attack anyone verbally?  No but still my heart wanted to over and over and over.

Blessings to all both servants and to Israel my brothers.

In the coming first Heaven we shall have Gentile servants whom we Love.  And it’s likely their eyes will be opened more so then.  As will ours, as will ours.

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Two Seven Year Tribulation Periods?

One for Israel & the Other for The Gentiles.

Since Israel has gone through six years of trials & sorrows due to cleansing emotionally & spiritual clean up. Since our 2017 wake up call we have conclusions.  And the Gentiles cannot relate to or see the miracles all around.  They don’t see the signs and wonders.  Seems there are two realities in play on Earth.  “Two Times”  “The dividing of time” was in Daniel 12:7.  However it’s no longer worded that way in any English bible. Magically disappeared and turned into

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Strong’s Delusion

Angry Jane finally tells it like it is.  The seer is pissed at those who refuse to take off their masks before God Almighty.

We are watching the people under the strong delusion and have become cynical of them ever waking up. At the same time we are weary of being in the waiting room  Oh how we want to go to the good place. New Earth or Heaven either will do.  Our patience is wearing thin we have cried a thousand tears.  We have watched a million lie proceed from the mouths of those who proclaim Jesus.  Then in the next breath they call Him by another name.  They embrace His violent murder as if it’s some big score.  The speak of Him in terms of His death.  They seldom if ever speak of Jesus working in their own lives.

Jesus came to bring us life more abundant.  He who the Son sets free is free indeed.  He is my healer, my Savior in this lifetime.  He is alive and He has been walking the Earth for eons.  But now He has withdrawn because we think He is planning or preparing His return. Out like a lamb in like a Lion.  The Lion is returning very soon.  With fire and Truth the Earth will burn.  All devices of men are already burning in explosions and more explosions.

Blind men will call Angry Jane “Satan” after reading this article.  The Locust consummated to the face.  And The Dark Lord holds his pet.  The winged abomination perched in the “hair of a woman” that carried the Locust from the pit to the men’s heads.

Mark of the Beast forehead. And the consummation of the Locust to the “face of a man”.
Winged abomination perched in the hair of a woman.


Problem is the Gentiles believe they are the mask that they are wearing.  They are programmed.  They suffer under the tower of babble that’s confusing their thoughts and rewriting their memories.  Also they have completely consummated with the Locust from the pit.   The Locust, whose reference, by the way is disappearing magically from all bibles.  While the winged abomination reference is already removed from all bibles.  And chances are, for good reason.  It left the creatures from the pit vulnerable to prayers of binding and casting.

Please, lets examine these scriptures in Truth.


2Th 2:8
And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

2Th 2:9
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
Really? A comma at the end of a sentence? Furthermore Satan NEVER WILL AND NEVER DID HAVE “ALL POWER”.
However having power over the desolate minds of men is another matter.  Yet for the Gentiles no red flag is raised when they read such blasphemy.  No problems with it or any of the degradated script in the Dark Lord’s new bibles.

THE DARK LORD HAS CONTROL OF ALL BIBLES ON THE SHELVES.  I am not referring to broken translations or re-printed pish posh.  I mean MAGICALLY CHANGING ON THE SHELVES. All bibles OLD AND NEW.  Can you handle the Truth?

2Th 2:10
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

2Th 2:11
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2Th 2:12
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2Th 2:13
But we are bound (curse word meaning bondage) to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

Daniel 9:27

King James Bible
“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

The reference of oblation & sacrifice is “the daily devotion” this means God’s words or the daily reading of His words leaves Earth.  Why?  Because His words rolled up to Heaven as a scroll.  Black and white.  I saw it with my own eyes in a Heavenly vision.  Amos 8:11 & 12.  Famine of God’s words.

The Dark Lord took control of all bibles at least since 2006 when I first discovered The Lion and the lamb verse GONE from all versions.  Jesus is The Lion from the Tribe of Judah.  He has left all Bibles to the Dark God of this world.  Make no mistake people you are embracing a desecrated bible authored in Hell itself.  The Author of Confusion is his name.


Between the Locust, and the winged abomination in comes the towers of babble leaving the people deluded and blind.  These three coupled with the Image of the Beast which they prefer as their gospel (TV)-blind blind blind.

Very few on Earth can see just how horrible the spiritual condition of mankind really is.  And we can’t help them because it is their free will to embrace the lies.  Bottom line is this they never got to know their own heart.  They never let God see their whole heart.  And they are hiding parts of themselves that are keeping them spiritually sick.  For and by their own fear of losing their favorite earthly pleasures they have hidden from God to their own detriment.

Daniel 7:25

King James Bible
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Douay-Rheims Bible
And he shall speak words against the High One, and shall crush the saints of the most High: and he shall think himself able to change times and laws, and they shall be delivered into his hand until a time, and times, and half a time.

“think to change times and laws”.  Someone HAS CHANGED TIMES AND LAWS.  Since magically all bibles are changing one the shelves.  And NOT for the good.  And the Gentiles are blind to it and embracing blasphemy.

Herein is why Angry Jane is pissed.  The many care nothing for Truth.  They wear NOT the belt of Truth.  They don’t care that lies abound in the once sacred book.  They do not care whatsoever about all the insults to Jesus, God, and man permeating their once Holy Books.


As the Gentiles embrace the Dark Lords bibles they are reading aloud and pouring out curses from Hell upon themselves.  Adding insult to injury they love the Dark Lord’s new numerology and date lines in the dark bibles.

Seems its the Gentiles who may not see the Promise Land rather than Israel whom they luv to dis.

“Do you know ye shall judge God’s Holy Angels?”  And while they sit back resting on their laurels, passing judgement on God’s Holy Angels who by the way do exactly what they are supposed to do the Gentiles have no idea what the prophecies really mean.  Nor can they see the miracles all around them.

Nevertheless if they have a mustard seed of Faith they shall be saved.  They shall have their own personal paradise.  Or they will be blessed to regain Truth by becoming servants to those who built up treasure in Heaven.  Israel the Chosen Few.

The revealing is now.  And even though the Watchmen say the words of Truth they don’t really know what the words they are saying actually mean in real time.  It’s critically ironic to watch the Watchmen.  They don’t realize that they are the sign of Jonah in living color.  Called by the same calling to warn us all.  Yet the idolatrous generation who embrace the desecrated bibles calling them by Jesus’ title (The Word of God), commit idolatry unknowingly.  God’s irony is unequalled.  And the supernatural bible changes are the reason God harped on Idolatry.

They have no value for Truth they follow the bibles no matter who is writing them & no matter what blasphemy is written in them.

This is why we are pissed at the Gentiles.

And yet we know we Love some of them and they will be there for us in the treasure of Heaven.  Also we know that we value the Watchmen and need their validation of His coming.

Israel (the people) are the ones provoked to covetousness.  We want God all to ourselves.  Provoked to jealousy.  We confess.

Do you understand Gentiles?  Take the walls from around your deceptive hearts.  Crush those walls and allow God in to fix your heart.  Before The Mustard Seed of Faith given to all of mankind is parched.  Let not your Eternal Faith be put in the wrong gods security.  The mark of the beast is now on the foreheads of the many.

My Confession of Shortcomings

I resent that those proclaiming Jesus cannot see the miracles all around. I resent that they embellish as if to enjoy the story of death of Jesus.  Over and over and over they quote the copy past gospel with no testimony.

Never speaking of the reasons for His death.  To take the keys to death and to Hell and give them to us so we too can overcome death.

Most of the Christians on Youtube have the mark on their forehead.  Not the seal of God.  They speak of The Holy Spirit but know nothing about it. The gifts and how it is given by the prayer and laying on of hands.  Christians mock those who know the supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit.    All men have the Divine Presence of God or they would not be alive.

And worst of all they embrace the Dark Lords Bible rewrites of heinous lies and vulgar dialect.   Their memories seared with a hot iron.  As they worship the god of the iron rods.  The god of this world who rules by the towers of babble.  He rules their memories.  And He rules their the praise.  As they now all seek to be glorified.  They do not remember or never knew that glory seeking for human is vain.  We can’t handle glory.  Israel can barely handle the fact that God told us who we are.  We can barely handle seeing so much more than the Gentiles can see.  We, “I” am falling into false pride due to God’s lifting me up.  And it pains my heart that my behavior is not better.

It pains my heart that my emotional survival skills are that of anger and of accusations toward the Image of the Beast.

And so being bombarded with so many lies I rebel with cynicism.  God help me.  Help me to be the person worthy of your favor.

And the Father proclaims “You are my child and that makes you WORTHY”.  Do your best, for My Grace is sufficient for you.  “In weakness you are made strong.”

ALL GLORY IS GOD’S and has always been God’s.

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What is The New Gospel vs. The True Gospel?

What Are the New Vs. The True Gospels??  Find out now.

God’s warriors on Earth know how difficult it is to balance the righteously indignant warrior of God with the little child they must be before God. Relying on Him as children.   The soldiers do not accept the magically rewritten Gen. 3-15 desecrated script of “bruise/bruise”.   It is rewritten as if to say evil is now equal to God.  It is not.  How do they know?  Because they have been formed to crush the serpent under their bestowed power of The Holy Spirit.  Under their feet just as Jesus taught them.

Is Magic Bad?

Little children believe in magic.  Are not the end of days prophecies written about magic?  Jesus turned water into wine and increased the fish and bread/cakes isn’t that also magic?

“And the mortal shall put on immortality, the corrupt shall put on incorruption.”

I have seen people who were healed of ailments and delivered from bondage.  As have I.  Is not prayer and a miracle received…magic?

Yes it is magic and it always was magic.  Magic for the betterment of mankind is something the powerful elites DO NOT WANT THE SLAVES TO HAVE.

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How To Expel Common Demonic Annoyances Yourself


Hi you won’t get this info elsewhere.  Usually people do not care to listen to the Holy Spirit for directions and explanations to spiritual matters.   We are taught that the spirit world doesn’t exist.  And that if you are tapped into that realm of spirit you are insane or whackadoodle.  Also Legion/religion’s main purpose is to steer you away from “Spiritual Power”.  The Beast system wants you dependents upon it in every way.  Education is to dumb us all down.  Lies from hell are what they teach in schools & churches.

“Your enemy the serpent slithers through the Earth search to devour goodness in humans.”   “Evil came to steal, kill, and to destroy you”.

Demon Gluttony (previously called Demunds or demands).

YES HELL YES it sucks to see that we have an enemy whom we must overcome.  An enemy to fight.  It takes energy.  We would all do well to run to the nearest Spirit filled church (Pentecostal or pray where lead to) and run to the alter call for prayer by the laying on of hands.  This powerful transference of the Holy Spirit by prayer from others who have His Spirit involves speaking utterances of tongues.  Utterances are Higher Language in Jesus Name The Holy Spirit does come.  IF you invite Him.  As my teacher taught me, “The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and won’t invade like demons do.”

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Sister Gigi “21-0 (Zero) America”. & Dream J201 Prediction of Disaster

Bridge Called I210.  A 8,500 feet long, and 140 feet high bridge across water in Lake Charles Louisiana. The Israel LaFleur Bridge will collapse very soon.
This prediction is from Jazweeh the seer who dreamed the same numbers as Sister Gigi on youtube.    At

Sister Gigi who whom was a guest on watchman for that great day had a vision or heard a voice of the words “21 zero america”.  Last night Jazweeh had a dream of an envelope that had secret & sacred letters and numbers written on it.

Sister Gigi.

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“I Want the Truth! You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

Once Saved Always Saved And Works of Faith

Disclaimer-this is not the viewpoint of the Watchmen of YT.  It’s written by the seer Jazweeh.

Instead of Great Truth some need stories of lies by prophecy interpretations straight from Hell.   Stories that their minds are long accustomed to & they do not fully consider by holding it up to the belt of Truth.   Prophecy interpretations like a Jewish temple of Legion/Religion that’s proclaimed as a coming sacred & holy place of God Almighty.

The Temple Prophecy Lie

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Deceptive Signs and Wonders

Deceptive Signs And Wonders

In 2024 the bibles will be completely desolate of God’s Sacred Truth. It’s very likely at that time God will remove His Holy Spirit from Earth. We are fairly certain that only those with His Holy Spirit see the desecration of all bibles and have God’s seal. They are not under the Locust creed infestation. But not all who see some bible changes have the Holy Spirit. What?

How so? Not all the changes are deceptive signs and wonders. Some of them are just “signs and wonders” harmless changes. The harmless changes are called Mandela Effects. You don’t need the Gift of The Holy Spirit of God to see Mandela effects.   Still ALL of mankind were originally blessed with the Divine Presence of God.

We cannot automatically assume someone is chosen few because they see some of the bible changes. Signs and wonders are here for all people to see if they choose to look.  It is the gathering time.

Example-The narrator talking about the bible changes in video doesn’t recognize he just quoted a desecrated scripture.  What the hell are “Boreans” I tell you this, its not good.  Come to find out this new “Bereans” word is a language in itself.  I am convinced it has something to do with the tower of babel and it’s a clue.  Along with the word being a mocking toward those who see the changes.

The blasphemous changes are deceptive and those are the ones hidden by the strong delusion for a reason. The dark lord is causing the desecration of God’s words. Only the few can see these changes & recognize blasphemy.

Some on YT are being fed by the chosen who naively share the blasphemous changes with them to share. But at least it’s getting out there.

You can tell who the imposter accuser of the breathren is by their critical judgement toward others, & their religious/Legion spirit.   Some spew accusations toward all others who see the changes.  Even toward our friend Truth-shock TV & wakeuporelse who is very kind toward others while sharing the supernatural bible changes.

What of The remaining bibles?

Oh sure there will be some good truth left in the books however, all power scriptures, godly wisdom, & all of the best of the best scriptures are not for the masses anymore. They have rejected God’s words by not saving then in their heart.  And therefore it’s too late for them to have access to His sacred words.

The covenant with many demons was between man and demonic powers for a trade. The demons traded the keys to the cell’s nucleus (coded key) for a deal to use man’s new powerful device to change times and laws. Hence the tower of babble prophecy took shape.

Powerful men promised to change all bibles if they could have the key code to the cells nucleus to remake mankind in the image of the beast.

And so men were turned to beasts and worse. And the bibles are changing rapidly with men’s minds.  Desolation x2 Body, and God’s words.


Breaking News from Watchmen for the Great Day!


“Men wanted to die (get raptured) and could not they were not able to”  Rev. 9:6 is not death synonymous with rapture?  Of course it is.  Death brings transformation into Spirit.  “It is appointed for men once to die then the judgement.”  Just a theory.

The content of the dream showed a high profile elite politician (we assume) being killed on “The Stone Steps”. We believe that if a politician were assassinated it would be a story time picture show of fiction. While they send the actor off to retire in Milon.

Don’t watch “Died Suddenly” lest ye be also tortured by the regret of taking and doing what was perceived as righteous.  The gift of repentance.

Dream Sorcery & Tech Sorcery Which is more Threatening

“We are Keeping the People Safe!”  (article is coaded)

Screams the Home land high clearance secure I.T.y worker a D.H.S!  As he walks toward the new T.V. his wife just brought home and applies bandaids to three outgoing cameras on the device.   Oh wait.  They use the screen.  They don’t need a camera eye because it’s behind the screen.  If you want privacy unplug it and put a sheet or blanket over the entire spy device.


Mind control is the primary purpose of the image of the beast.  But it’s not the only purpose.  Mind control may very well be the worst use of Beast technology.

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The 144 Tell It the Way It Is. Forehead Mark of the Beast Revealed

Factoids Who Are the 144,000

The 144 were not born 144.  They are predestined because of their choices.  They stepped into the template God had ready for any human to embrace.  Human templates which one are you? –  Goat’s, Sheep, Wolves, Lions, Serpent’s, & Lambs

Sorry boys.  The gloves are coming off time is too short.  99% of mankind already has the mark of the beast.  But if they seek God with their whole heart he will save their soul.  LOOK at the foreheads.  The fallen angel  wings is the mark.  Or call it the wings of a beast with lowered head in shame.  If one did not take the back scene their chances for soul survival is much better.  It was always “right arm or forehead”.

The Lion (Jesus) of Judah & of the bible has left the lambs with the wolf of it’s choosing. Soon the Lions on Earth shall also go home leaving the lambs with the wolves of their choosing. Isaiah 11:6 changed supernaturally.

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WAIT I Say WAIT On The Lord. Uhg!

When Will the Veil Be Lifted Off The Watchmen Called by the Sign of Jonah?

The Seer is Not a Watchmen.  She is Chosen Few Scribe to the Elect Called Israel.  Not Jews.  Not religious.  Not a geo-location that makes people more spiritual cause they live in Israel.  NOT THE COUNTRY.   Israel biblically is written of The Children of God.  The Elect.  Those who see the miracles of the end of days.

What does the Seer do when her purpose is to just WAIT? Continue reading “WAIT I Say WAIT On The Lord. Uhg!”

Twelve Important Reasons Jesus Came to Earth


Jesus Brought Us Truth this is why the TV (Image of the Beast) trashes those who call Him their Higher Power & Son of God Almighty. Jesus is the only The Word of God because He brought to us God’s Truth.  Jesus was sent by God The Father Almighty Creator of the Heavens and The Earth.

But now God took His words from Earth rolled up like a scroll.  That means He also took the security seal of Daniel OFF ALL BIBLES.  And someone sent a strong delusion to cover up the supernatural events hiding them from most people who…Don’t know the wolf’s precepts of error and evil from God’s.  They never had God’s words in their heart.  They didn’t Love His precepts so they cannot see or remember that they are dramatically changed in ALL bibles.

  1. To fulfill the law of God & bring in the age of Grace New Covenant.
  2. To overcome death & Hell which He did when in the grave.
  3. To assure to us the keys to death and Hell.
  4. He came to deliver God's children from spiritual bondage & oppression in this life.
  5. He came to heal the children of God by the laying on of hands in Jesus name.
  6. He came to give us life more abundantly.
  7. He came to bring God's words to us.
  8. He came to bring us prophecy of God.
  9. He came to bring God's children eternal life by believing in God and in Him.
  10. He came to give spiritual gifts unto God's children.
  11. He came to bring us The Holy Spirit in His name by prayer and the laying on of hands.
  12. To warn us of many things.  He warned of evil demons, of vile Legion (religion), to warn of the narrow path, the prophecies he gave confirm to the children of God that we are in the end of the age.

13. He came to release many from purgatory the top floor of Hell for those who think they deserve Hell and condemn themselves.  They have not that right.

Jesus is returning to Earth to overcome the beast system. And He shall return in power and in might to fill God’s chosen few with the full filling of His Holy Spirit. To ensure that the meek inherit the Earth. He is returning for battle. Evil was allowed to rein for only a season. Why? So the children of men could choose their eternal homes. One and all. All humans had to make their eternal choices on earth between evil and good.
We shall know as well as we are known. Then remain these three eternal gifts. Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest is Love.

Why They Really Invented Christmas

Decoding of The Christmas Program.  (please read at minimum the final paragraph).

Predictive Programming- To put a movie, ad campaign, show, media, on TV (image of the beast) radio or any large public platform.  The narrative of the TV campaign is to invite a specifically geared common subconscious reaction.   They anticipate by knowledge & experience how a majority will react to the TV program of the mind.

Example- The news advertises a run on the banks and the crashing of the financial system.  The common reaction is to move our money somewhere safe.


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The Tower of Babel Is a Prophecy. Most Stunning Article by Jazweeh

Fiction or fact?  You decide.  This is my most enthralling story.  And Jazweeh’s most stunning prediction.

What Is Coming?  By words God Created the Earth.  And by words shall He bring Earth to its knees.

tower of babel globalism

We thought the tower of Babel event happened years ago.  When a group of men built a large monstrosity to reach Heaven.  Their own Jacob’s Ladder by which anyone could go to Heaven.  But they were confounded.  God severed their one world language.  He made each man speak another language.  What was then is now.  What was now is.

A deal was made between powerful men of Earth and demons via CERN’s quantum computer/refrigerator.  Give mankind the final symbol to control the body and mind of the masses via DNA expression.  And the men agree to use the power to change all bibles on Earth.  That was the PACT made.  But the men knew not that something else would change with the bibles.  ALL LANGUAGE ON EARTH would not be confounded.  As the bibles are desecrated on-going, so too every language shall be desecrated on-going.  It won’t stop for a break to give translators a chance to catch up.  The desecration of all language will render quantum computers and CERN useless.  The one world shall be no more.


Sure, why not?  It was not the will of God.  Here’s the tower of babble scriptures for those who want to read them KJVB.  SKIP SCRIPTURE

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Dark Transfiguration—THE MIXING OF IRON & CLAY

Recipe for Dark Transfiguration.  Making man in the image of the beast.

How to turn a man into 33.3% beast making man in evil’s image.  See more below.    For more Jazweeh websites go to

Mike From Around the World Can you handle the Truth?     Many choose illusions over Truth.

Mike from around the world.  “They cannot handle the Truth!” Says the Dark Knight.  Let them employ spiritual emotional coping skills.  Says Jazweeh Scribe of God.  The belt of Truth shall be their armor.   The armor of the evil one is the lie.

Recipe of Jabba. 

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Vital Prophecy Fulfillments YT Christians Don’t Mention or See

They say the Israelites are blind until the coming in of the gentiles…but I see something quite different.

A THRU Z prophecy below. Scroll


Article Written by Scribe of God


#1  “Israel” means children of God.  If a human being chooses to follow Jesus and knows Him they are a child of God.  Their bloodline is of the bloodline of so called “Israel” by their Love for Jesus.

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Paul Begley Confirms Jazweeh’s “RED ASH” Prediction (Feb. 2022)

The Prediction was Given From the Angel on High

Its unusual for Jazweeh to get a prophecy from a deity.  She also insists she is not a prophet.  However these angels she sees flying are the four angels written in Revelation who pour out their viles of purification/disaster/&renewal of and on Earth here and now.

Please see her prediction article given in February for detail about THE RED ASH being poured out on mankind to burn the Earth and banish man.

“Mike from Around THE WORLD! Website”

To watch Pastor Paul Begley’s video in full size click YouTube link.

Mandela Effect. Are they Delusional Like Goo Gal Writes they Are?

  Do the many really believe in that which their eyes cannot see?  When it comes down to it…No.  They often just follow beliefs that are socially acceptable.  Few these days have escaped the hive mind.

Furthermore, only the dysfunctional who harm themselves or others can be appropriately labelled “Delusionally Dysfunctional” due to emotional trauma response behavior.

If you don’t see & remember history quite differently than the majority of mankind, fear not.  According to the powers on high, it’s evident you do not need to be shown that the supernatural is REAL.   Perhaps you already believe in God and are spiritually safe.   And perhaps you are being protected by God from the perplexing realizations of seeing first hand a fluid reality.

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Revelation16:8 “The Fourth Angel is Here”

The Third Angel Speaks to the Scribe of God Named Jazweeh

Revelation 16:8 is at hand.

The angel is as a firebird brilliant and beautiful sacred and true she is God’s beautiful Deity.   And she flies now.  She says she can only be seen and heard by The Spirit.  She is the sacred.   Watch carefully how ye speak of deity spoken of as “fallen” for they are all sacred anointed vessels of God’s holy will.

I call her Kachina because God told me of the Blue star coming back in 2012 or so.  The prophecy of the Blue & Red Kachina is the same as the four angels in Revelation.

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Bad Air Quality Mass Cover Up

“Don’t Let any Good Disaster Go to Waste” ______Hilary C.

Article includes depictable code words.  DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU HAVE NO WAY TO PROCESS NATURAL/HEALTHY FEAR.  Put fear in a box and give it to God.  He will transpose fear into blessings and give it back to you.  Even though we humans are programmed to not admit fear and to be shamed by it, I say if your not afraid something is WRONG.

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Depart from Me Ye Workers of Iniquity-I Never Knew You.___Jesus

Why Would Jesus or God Call A Child “Daughter” or “Son”?

Written by Sal Vay Shaun 

The “thus sayeth The Lord” watchmen on youtube…mainly the women, when (allegedly) quoting God say this.  “My daughter, ye shall be on this day this or that and so on and so forth”.  Why would an All Knowing God, Creator of The Heavens and The Earth call His children, His creation who He knows first hand, a generic name like “my daughter” or “my son”???

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When Is the Rapture?


Coming Home

Long Story Short…Late July 2022 is the rapture date for the elect chosen few.  Who are they?  If I tried to categorize the elect I would fail.  Because some are active 144 in the spiritual army of God but others who will be raptured are 133, those who go before the throne.  These are people after God’s own heart.  He knows them and they Him.  Not all of the chosen few are long time spiritual workers.  They could be babes in Christ.

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The Return of Jesus Prediction Date


The Eclipse of 2024 outlined in the video below, will occur (according to source video below) exactly on the day that the Jewish Passover Festival is celebrated, at which time the Hebrew People were freed from the bondage of slavery in Egypt.

Coming Home

The Date of Jesus’ Return Shall Likely Be Either…

Between the days of 04-08-2024 thru 04-18-2024 according to predictions by Jazweeh.

By The Time they Knock on the Door…

Brother’s And Sister’s The Hour, is Nearly upon us! Wit freedom of speech being hindered , …The Voice of Truth.. is Being slowly Closed Down… How Much Longer , will it be Till the Voice of Truth, is Taken away…..? The Day that the voice of the Bridegroom , and Bride, Not heard….( Which is the ( Voice of Truth) Is Near to Be Taken, to the marriage Feast…In The CLOUDS! Can any one say RAPTURE!? Love John B

John’s Rumble Channel

John Boucher and Robert Hagan Discussion Group

“Let No Man Deceive You”

John The Ark Welding Company at Paypal Contribute Here

John’s email address

All Along The Watch Tower

For the Watchman on the Wall Who Give us Hope by their Perseverance.

What is it you watch for friend?  By watching for a rapture we hope to escape the worst of the tribulation.  “Pray that ye escape these times”.  Jesus

But we do not know how it will play out ultimately.  For we are either to be martyrs or those who by Grace and God’s eternal mercy and Love receive the gift of transfiguration.

“Not all shall die, but we shall all be changed.  In the wink of an eye, at the last Trump.”

Faith and Hope Keep us. We must nurture our Eternal Gifts from God.

Bob Dylan's turbulent relationship with Dennis Hopper film 'Easy Rider'

With the Mandela effect none of these famous photos are accurate anymore.  Seems AI has genericized every famous face on the internet.  Removed individuality and distinction from the mix.  Nevertheless this is as close as I could come to memory of Bob Dylan.

“There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief

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JJustified Youtube- What is the Mark of the Beast?

Better Safe than Sorry. To trust or not to trust? The 1st Evil Beast of Revelation seems to be answerable to no one and nothing. The White Horse Rides in the Face of The Scorpion Sting. God will provide for His children…one way or another He WILL save us from the beast’s poison.

What Is Coming and What is Going on In Our World?

And Finally I Am Shown the Happy Ending-The New Earth

G612-The Answers

And the Meek who shall dwell upon it. Forever being respectful of Earth for to respect Earth is to respect Mankind.  For Earth is the foundation of the survival of Mankind.  And will be respected.______The Preacher

I believe in my heart of hearts that I am inspired as a Scribe of God.

__________Jazweeh Writes

The Home Coming for The Meek (the great multitude saved by Faith in God) & The Chosen Few

WORMWOOD (W.W.)  By Laura E. &

Likely the next prophecy fulfillment shall be the wormwood fulfillment.  W.W. will bring on the lake of fire and the worst parts of the great tribulation.

Buy some binoculars and prove what I am telling my readers.

In 2018 or 2017 two new very bright stars appeared in the Eastern sky.

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To Those Who Believe They Are the 144

But have found themselves in the Great Tribulation Instead

I Am the Scribe and Soldier of God Jazweeh

For five years I wrote for the 144 with topics about the 144.  Topics that the tribulation saints would not believe or understand.  For God has allowed all tribulation saints to be kept under a vail of safety.  It would have been too much for too long for them to see into the supernatural events at hand.  Their calling to become chosen few by tribulation Faith is one of desperation.  The gift of desperation either makes men run to God or not..  The time is near, very near that the 133 and the 144 must leave Earth. Continue reading “To Those Who Believe They Are the 144”

The Back Scene Zombie Apocolypse

True Prophetess Miss Kerry Anne Gidon playlist on the back scene.

Tribulation Saints are those who will be a strong testimony for others when they refuse the beast system’s plague (back scene) in the name of Truth and honor to God Almighty. We hope all are raptured but we think, we know some must be the end times trib saints.

End Times Insight by Visons, Dreams, & Prophecy Fulfillment

All Has Been Revealed that Can Be Revealed to Humans

False prophet and antichrist listed below.  Popes don’t prophesy do they?

Written by Jazweeh the Scribe of God
(Articles on this site have no affiliation with viewpoints & or doctrines of any youtube channel)

We do not know if either the forehead mark or the Locust abomination causing the strong delusion means a soul is eternally lost.  We hope not.  We write it as we see it

About the end of days of course.   I know more now than ever before.  All has been revealed and its written below.

I realized something when writing this article and listing the prophecies below that are already fulfilled...My God, its a miracle in itself that I remember all these prophesies from my in depth bible study days back in the 80s and 90s.   

After I received The Baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 30 and God gave me several out of body dreams that all pertained to this time, NOW.  So I was led in the late 80s to 90s to study study study with my paper 'Strong's Exhaustive Concordance' (yes a paper book from the 80s before Strong's was a thing) and my trusty Thayer Lexicon in Greek.  And my interlinear Greek New Testament.  And my mainstay The leather bound, name engraved, Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible in King James Version OF COURSE!  I was what you call today a "King James Only" reader.  Though I dabbled in the NIV for old testament helps.   Genesis was spelled different back then.  Genesess is how I remember it.   Makes sense that the word "gene" is in it.  The English language is changing dramatically everywhere.  ALL Books have change with the Mandela effect.

Now I have a Hebrew Lexicon of the old testament as well.   Back then there was NO GREEK OLD TESTEMENT WRITINGS NOR DID STRONG'S OVERLAP THE CODED NUMBERS.  THERE WAS NO HEBREW NEW TESTEMENT TRANSLATIONS.  However I am pretty certain that history has now changed.

We know of the many prophecies that have come to pass in the last 5 years. Here are some of the prophesies fulfilled.  Wormwood is the Blue Star/Kachina

We know about the dividing of time and that God has set apart in a different reality structure those who believe & know Jesus.

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What Does “Fruit of The Spirit” Represent Biblically?

How To Receive The Holy Spirit of God & Gifts of The Spirit

Faith Without Works are Empty

What is The True Gospel?

What is the New Gospel?

Who Is The Woman of Revelation 12, Really and who or what is her child?

Why are Tongues so Misunderstood?

Works follow Faith.  The just shall live by Faith.  You will know them by their fruit.  Evil hearts produce evil fruits by dark spirits.

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